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National Coalition presents new options for the post of prime minister for the state of law soon

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National Coalition presents new options for the post of prime minister for the state of law soon

Post  Shilo on Sun Aug 29, 2010 9:31 am

Baghdad, August 28

National Coalition presents new options for the post of prime minister for the state of law soon

The Islamic Supreme Council which is headed by Ammar al-Hakim on Saturday that the National Coalition considering new options to be adopted on the selection of a candidate for the post of prime minister after the re-negotiations between him and the rule of law under the umbrella of the National Alliance, explaining that he will inform the State by law if completed.

Adviser, said al-Hakim media on behalf of Al-Awadi told Kurdistan News (Akaniwz) “There are efforts to re-broadcast the negotiations within the National Alliance again,” noting that “his coalition as it is sticking to the Alliance is committed to the foundations and principles that made him withdraw last time.”

The al-Awadi, that “there is a drive to bring these negotiations, on condition that deals Maliki’s coalition with the tenets and foundations of the coalition earlier of flexibility, through the acceptance of another candidate for the post of Prime Minister Maliki’s side,” explaining that “these options are still under study within the components of the coalition has not been inform the state of law, officially. ”

And said Al-Awadi, that “the issue of choosing a prime minister within the National Alliance will not be easy,” stressing “to adopt new mechanisms governing the candidates for the post of prime minister from both coalitions and apply those mechanisms will be selected candidate for the National Alliance for the post of prime minister.”

He revealed the leadership of the National Coalition, Mohammed al-Bayati’s (Akaniwz), Thursday, last informal agreement within the components of the National Coalition led to the acceptance of Maliki’s nomination for the rule of law for the post of prime minister as well as candidates for the National Coalition and the subjection of all the mechanisms and standards that have been agreed upon in Committee of Wise Men for the completion of naming the Prime Minister.

But Vice President Adel Abdul Mahdi, said last week that the “red lines on Maliki’s nomination for prime minister is still,” and that re-negotiations between the state of law and the National Coalition not at the expense of acceptance of Maliki’s nomination for the post of prime minister.

National Coalition commented the end of July last of his conversations with the coalition until the rule of law for the recent nomination of a person other than the Prime Minister’s outgoing Nuri al-Maliki as prime minister the next.

Both sides have officially announced their alliance on the fourth of May of this in an effort to form a parliamentary bloc, the largest within the new Council of Representatives as a prelude to the formation of the Iraqi government, but the alliance, described as “fragile” due to deep differences over the position of prime minister.

Despite the passage of more than five months after the elections last March, but the political blocs failed to reach understandings to achieve the required majority to form a government, which reflected negatively on all levers of government, particularly the security situation.

. Resulted in coordinated attacks in different parts of the country Wednesday, the last by car bomb, improvised explosive devices have killed more than 60 people and wounding about 250 others wounded in attacks apparently aimed at Iraqi security forces, before less than a week to end the U.S. military operations hostilities formally .

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