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State law: we will hold a historic meeting in two days with the national .. and expect serious attacks

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State law: we will hold a historic meeting in two days with the national .. and expect serious attacks Empty State law: we will hold a historic meeting in two days with the national .. and expect serious attacks

Post  Shilo on Sun Aug 29, 2010 10:13 am

State law: we will hold a historic meeting in two days with the national .. and expect serious attacks
August 29, 2010

He lead a coalition of law Adnan El Sarraj, Saturday, that a meeting described as a historic day between the National Coalition and the rule of law will be held in two days, in order to determine the mechanism of naming an agreed candidate to head the next government, described the attempt to Vice President of the Republic for the convening of parliament as to promote the logic of the “review”, revealing In another context, that the coming days will witness serious attacks with the support of a foreign country in cooperation with the al-Awda and Al Qaeda.

The OS in an interview with “Alsumaria News”, the “historic meeting very important to be held in two days among a coalition of law and the national coalition, and if followed the talks are good, there will be emergency measures and rising to activate the debate and agree on a new mechanism to identify a candidate for prime minister ahead of Eid “, pointing out that” our discussions with the Iraqi List, was continuing but did not rise to the “level of good.”

Description of the leadership coalition of law invitation of Vice President Adel Abdul-Mahdi, the deputies to come to the House of Representatives to work “Review”, noting, “We want an audience that constitutionally and legally, to attend all the blocs, effectively, and that the President shall invite the older deputies to attend the meeting and to bring all their leaders and their superiors and discuss the question of forming the government. ”

The OS “was the first for Mr. Abdul-Mahdi to solve the problematic nomination as prime minister and to alleviate the tone of the national coalition in alliance with a coalition of state law and therefore provides an easy way out and there is therefore a direct presence of the Council of Representatives.”

Considered the leading coalition of law that “the presence of MPs at this time will lead to crises and overburden the political process and carrying loads over encumber it will generate splits further because the consensus at positions sovereign is not yet”, and wondered surprising “how the case may be, then the House of Representatives, and how will the formation of committees If the President is not elected in the House of Representatives. ”

The leader, the rule of law that “consensus on the sovereign of the three positions, the first to come for the Council as it would cause embarrassment to the political process.”

And on the leaks relating to the candidature for the post of President of the next government, which stated that the Sadr movement is heading for the nomination of Ahmed Chalabi, a candidate for the presidency of the government, “said OS that” the rule of law does not have the authority to put a red line for any candidate he blocks the other, “asserting that” state law did not been formally nominated by the Sadrists Ahmed Chalabi as prime minister. ”

On the other hand, revealed os for the receipt of information on “possible attacks in the coming days,” noting that “It is dangerous, as it received very accurate information stresses that there is a foreign country is behind the scheme to the return party in collaboration with al-Qaeda to carry out a batch of terrorist acts inside Iraq , by attacking police stations and important centers in the country to establish their presence within the political arena with the initiation of U.S. troops to withdraw. ”

He said: “I expect that those attacks do not live up to what he faced former state, but the effects will be reflected in the social reality and the political process in Iraq.”

The head of the outgoing premier Nuri al-Maliki warned in a televised statement broadcast days before the attacks and described bloody said that “al-Qaeda and the Baath Party executed in the coming days.”

After about five and a half months on the parliamentary elections in the seventh of last March, failed political blocs have so far to find solutions to end the crisis in the formation of the government and reached an impasse, also failed to Iran and other regional states to find consensus among the political blocs to form a government, which increased U.S. fears the collapse of the political and security situation in Iraq, especially with the reduction of the number of U.S. forces end of the month to 50 thousand troops.

It seems that the conflict between the political blocs on the eligibility form the Iraqi government reached a climax, especially after the operations of mutual rejection between them and within them as their candidates for the post of Prime Minister, rejected the Iraqi List and the Iraqi National Coalition Maliki’s nomination for a new term, while the coalition has rejected the national and coalition-Maliki, Allawi’s nomination for the position as Sadrists reject any candidate of the Supreme Council for the post, while insisting the Council to nominate a person from within because he felt that not having a prime minister means putting his political future in the unknown, especially after the decline in the number of seats in parliament from 30 to 17 seats, almost.


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