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Contracts are still the subject of controversy has been in the new parliament

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Contracts are still the subject of controversy has been in the new parliament

Post  Shilo on Fri Sep 10, 2010 7:04 am

Contracts are still the subject of controversy has been in the new parliament
September 10, 2010 · Posted in NEWS

Contracts are still the subject of controversy has been in the new parliament Foreign oil companies in Iraq, terrorism and obstructed by red tape and political conflict and clan Iraq News | 09-09-2010
The Economist magazine said in its report published in the latest edition that oil companies wishing to work in Iraq are facing a number of great difficulties that do not encourage them to work. The report said that in addition to terrorism, there is red tape and political conflict to the extent to reconsider conventions of oil when it takes over the government a new political blocs. There are also tribes that want to charge a fee for each barrel produced in the land was owned by it.
The magazine says that a group of executives in the international oil companies expected to be received in a different way when I arrived the airport to sign agreements with senior government officials aimed to develop one of the largest untapped oilfields in the world. But instead of traffic speeds at the airport had been detained for hours by immigration officers who thought they were from “suspects”. After a long wait allowed them to leave, but many others had to wait longer periods.
In the opinion of the magazine not to take the proper procedures, and highly inefficient bureaucracy in Iraq is more of the problems faced by oil companies wishing to work in the country, although many people still hoping to better the opportunities offered by the country. The joy derived from the past year the government launched a comprehensive bidding system built on the investment of large fields has turned to the state warned. The increase in extracted oil to reach 12 million barrels per day instead of the current 2.5 million barrels, which would beat the Saudi output by a quarter, you will need to more than six to seven years, not less, especially because of political violence continued in Iraq.
Remember the magazine that in the past six months oil infrastructure has become a favorite place for insurgent attacks, especially oil pipelines and refineries and services and the Oil Ministry. In response to this has been the strengthening of the special police force guarding the vital oil equipment. This may not be enough capacity compared to the oil sector. The police found in the oil areas around Basra, the weapons were intended to attack on foreign companies, and identified the documents found near the targets of certain weapons and many of them was British.
The magazine says the rebels are not the only local non-friendly. There are union leaders who called for the strike because of wages of workers in the oil fields. There is also the tribal societies that have applied for compensation in a large ancestral lands that went to the owners of machinery giant, has asked one of them one dollar for every barrel of oil extracted. It is probable that the marshlands adjacent to the oil-rich Iran’s hot spots. As a result of the government’s concern about not being able to reach the goals stated production has attacked the opponents of the oil projects verbally and threatened to send the army to intervene. Although such conflicts are still limited, but it could spiral out of control when the foreign companies started production next year.
There is opposition to foreign oil companies in Baghdad, too, especially in the parliament. Some members of parliament, and agree with what the former president of the largest oil company official in Iraq, Iyad Allawi, the nominee for prime minister, who say the recent oil deals must be reconsidered. And, following lawsuits funded by the critics of the oil companies to Iraqi courts. Asked spokesman angry words of the Ministry of Oil from party leaders that “I do not throw the oil sector in the midst of their conflicts by political.”
The problem of supply and transport is a pressing concern for oil traders, it has “drowned” port of Umm Qasr, the many small imported materials. And expansion of the port you need for years and can be complicated by the proximity of the port waters disputed with Iran.
In addition, the poor quality of security services of Umm Qasr port, a haven for smugglers in Iraq. And wary of companies store material in a very cost as there may Airoha again. Spoke of neighboring Kuwait to Iraq for building a new border post in the desert, so companies can avoid the port and bring the equipment to carriers, but did not specify a date.
The magazine says that in addition to all previous challenges, many oil fields are still filled with land mines left by the wars of Saddam Hussein. There is a need for hundreds of specialists to lift these mines. And says that landed Rumaila contract with BP and China National Oil Company includes an area stretching for ten miles, studded with mines. These mines have demonstrated that it is easier lifting rather than extracting the oil.

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