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Iraq Granted PERMISSION to Form Government

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Iraq Granted PERMISSION to Form Government Empty Iraq Granted PERMISSION to Form Government

Post  Shilo on Thu Sep 16, 2010 8:17 am

Iraq Granted PERMISSION to Form Government

September 15, 2010 · Posted in NEWS

BAGHDAD (Iba) – with the multiplicity of negotiations between the parliamentary blocs, and lack of a clear-cut solutions on forming a new government so far, despite the move more than six months after elections, sources linked to close to the deliberations political blocs, the existence of a new scenario to get out of crisis with the support of internal and external scale.

The source said on condition of anonymity, told the independent press (Iba) that this scenario is acceptable to a regional, Arab and international, with the consent of the Iraqi National List is based on the support, the candidate of the Iraqi National Adel Abdul-Mahdi as the candidate of the National Coalition away from the National Alliance to recognize the right of the Iraqi constitutional and electoral without forgetting the importance and size of the cluster rule of law.

The source said the scenario in the new Iraq for the post of President of the Republic to be against the post of prime minister of the Iraqi National Coalition and the chairmanship of the parliament of the Kurdistan Alliance,.

He also included a proposed project that there will be one Vice-President is a coalition of state law, that there would be three deputy prime ministers of Iraq and the rule of law, the Kurdistan Alliance.

As for the ministries of sovereignty, the official pointed to the source that the interior and defense ministers will be among the independents to run for the National Coalition I, nominates the Iraqi II, will be foreign according to this scenario, the share of Iraq while remaining the National Coalition Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the oil share of the Kurds.

According to this proposal will also 9 Iraqi ministries as compensation for waiving the post of prime minister as a mature platform, and commensurate with its size in parliament.

The rest of the ministries, there will be 7 and the ministries of law of the state, and 4 of the National Coalition, and 4 of the Kurdish Alliance, and 2 of the Accordance Front, 1 for the unity of Iraq, the Ministry and one for each of the Communist Party, Christians, Yazidis, and 2 and the Ministry of independents.

The source pointed out that due to present this scenario in the new round of negotiations between the Iraqi and the Iraqi National Coalition to be put to other blocs later.

The Iraqi has announced the resumption of negotiations between them and the National Coalition Nmsheerp that the coalition has not yet provided any written project on the management of the state.

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