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Kuwait declares end to the pending files with Iraq

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Kuwait declares end to the pending files with Iraq

Post  Shilo on Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:11 am

Kuwait declares end to the pending files with Iraq

September 21, 2010

Arbil, September 21 (Akaniwz) - The Kuwait, the United Nations headquarters in New York, ending the outstanding problems with Iraq, including the approval of the out of Baghdad the wrath of the seventh item on the agreement with the Secretary Ban Ki-moon, after realizing Iraq to complete the implementation of decisions and commitments international relevant to them.

And a newspaper said close to the circles of the Kuwaiti government, under the headline, on Tuesday, on its front page (Mohammad Al: the end of the outstanding issues with Iraq), “Sheikh Nasser Mohammad Al-Prime Minister announced his agreement with the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for an end to outstanding issues with Iraq. ”

The newspaper quoted Mohammad Al “Kuwait is the first country you wish to get out of Iraq the wrath of the seventh item, this means that Iraq has completed the implementation of resolutions and international obligations.”

He said Mohammad Al-he “emphasized over and over again our readiness to help Iraq, and we in fact help him in completing the implementation of decisions, because this is the way out from under Chapter VII.” Explaining that he “agreed with the Secretary-General on the importance of completing the implementation of these resolutions and end all outstanding issues” .

Iraq had announced on 19 September this in a statement of the spokesman for his government Ali al-Dabbagh’s (Akaniwz) that “Iraq has begun its first step to resolve outstanding problems with Kuwait by installing border markers of the land boundary between the two countries, demonstrating the commitment of Iraq with United Nations resolutions , stressing that the Iraqi government is working on activating the unification of oilfields common that could be where a joint investment between the two audit third party, include this step also solve the problem of farm common border in the town of Safwan in Basra province and belonging to the farmers Iraqis.

While Bush’s Chief of the Arab nation in the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry, Jassim Mubaraki (l Akaniwz) on September 14 that “there are no outstanding issues with Iraq, and found minor problems, we have joint commissions on border demarcation and plantation of joint and fishermen and coastal waters as well as expanding Safwan border port and joint oil fields, and take these problems to be solved in the future. ”

For his part, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, citing Times that “the United Nations will continue to urge Iraq to complete the implementation of Security Council resolutions relevant, and make sure its full commitment to Security Council resolution 833.” Wishing to “accelerate the formation of Iraq after a new Iraqi government to the implementation of the remainder of those obligations to close all these files.”

The past twenty years the adoption of resolution 661 UN Security Council resolution, the second took place against Iraq after its invasion of Kuwait in August 1990, the under which Iraq under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations and imposed on him an economic embargo has frozen his assets in banks worldwide. According to the resolution, Iraq remains subject to the requirements of Chapter VII to confirm that the United Nations Security Council’s commitment to Baghdad, all international resolutions concerning the occupation of Kuwait, including the file of compensation. and after the implementation of resolution 986 known as Oil for Food Programme, the United Nations to develop 5% of the proceeds from the sale of Iraqi oil since 1997 in a special fund to compensate Kuwait for losses suffered as a result of the invasion.

However, Kuwait has sought since the fall of the former regime in the spring of 2003 to establish diplomatic relations firm with Baghdad, referring to being considered for Iraq on the basis of its new political friend, at which sent Baghdad in mid-year, the first ambassador to Kuwait to establish “strategic relations” document, in Kuwait has sent its first ambassador to Baghdad since 2008.

The common border between the two sides, one of the most important points of contention so far, and which the Kuwaitis are demanding demarcation, as well as for a file which resulted in substantial damages paid by Iraq of Kuwait.

The Undersecretary of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, however, Abawi, had confirmed to (Akaniwz) on August 23 last that “Iraq has paid so far allocated 30 billion dollars in debts to Kuwait, and remained, including the amount of 22 billion dollars.” Stressed that Baghdad is seeking to end the file of debt and compensation Kuwait exit the wrath of the seventh item soon. affirming his country’s commitment to international resolutions of the Security Council on its neighbor Kuwait to close this file without delay

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