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Leadership of the National Coalition describes the meeting of the National Alliance

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Leadership of the National Coalition describes the meeting of the National Alliance

Post  Shilo on Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:51 am

Leadership of the National Coalition describes the meeting of the National Alliance today b ( crucial ) and denies any veto chest on Maliki and shows the contrary

Palm - Description of the leadership of the Sadrist movement led by Muqtada al -Sadr on Monday , the meeting convened by the National Alliance today Balhacm on the selection of its candidate for prime minister , denied the reports that spoke about the opposition to the Sadrist movement to take over al-Maliki as prime minister for a second term .

The MP said the province of Karbala, Jawad al-Hasnawi said the National Alliance will hold a crucial meeting on Monday to choose one of its candidates , Adel Abdul Mahdi of the Supreme Council or Nuri al- Maliki, the prime list of coalition rule of law to take over as prime minister in the next government and denied Hasnawi news of rejection of the Sadrist movement to take over Maliki and the second term , but shows the contrary , and that mechanisms will be democratic and any candidate out support from the mainstream also ( al-Maliki , or Abdul -Mahdi) , explaining that the mechanisms that will be the selection of the new Prime Minister will be democratic and transparent , and the participation of all political blocs , which falls under the list of the National Alliance .

He added that in the event of failure of the political blocs in the National Alliance for the candidate , there is a new mechanism to be adopted , but he refused to reveal the mechanism being still in the discussion phase , indicating that we are looking for everything that is in favor of the political process and should be our candidate acceptable Of All the political blocs.

Reported Hasnawi saying that the next prime minister must undertake to provide services to all segments of the Iraqi people , because it is a national and political and popular both he says.

And named the National Coalition on the third of September the current leader of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council Adel Abdul Mahdi as its candidate for the presidency of the next government in the hope that running against a candidate state law, Nuri al -Maliki to leave the alliance, which combines masses ( National Alliance ) a single candidate for prime minister , before heading To the House of Representatives and the coalition (the national and state law) has announced the alliance officially on the fourth of May last in an effort to form the largest parliamentary bloc in the new Council of Representatives , as a prelude to the formation of the Iraqi government , but the alliance, described as " fragile " because of differences The deep position of prime minister .

And form coalitions committee called " Committee of Wise Men "made up of 14 members, the task of putting mechanisms to choose a candidate for the National Alliance , but it did not succeed in their efforts so far to the lack of agreement components of the National Coalition at the time on a single candidate , for its part , as well as objections to the candidate state Law, Nuri al -Maliki.

The Commission had developed a mechanism for selecting the candidate , including getting 80% of the votes of members of the committee , was dispensed with and put up an alternative mechanism by state law include the winning candidate of National Alliance, the prime ministership in the event of winning (65 %) of the voices of the wise any rate (9 ) votes from the total ( 14) members in the case came out , " National Alliance " a single candidate for prime minister does not separate between them and the majority necessary to form a government only four seats, the Alliance has 159 seats parliamentary , including 89 for the rule of law and 70 of the National Coalition , which means that Kurds, who hold 57 seats parliamentary are bloc likely


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