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A document of the power-sharing between al-Maliki, Allawi, to the exclusion of Kurds erupted controversy

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A document of the power-sharing between al-Maliki, Allawi, to the exclusion of Kurds erupted controversy

Post  Shilo on Tue Sep 28, 2010 6:47 pm

A document of the power-sharing between al-Maliki, Allawi, to the exclusion of Kurds erupted controversy
<TABLE style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; DIRECTION: ltr" width=600 bgColor=white>

28-09-2010 [/size]The rule of law» accuses «Iraq» by providing .. Allawi's list and denying: Our motto is not led by

And a document obtained by «Middle East» includes part of the working paper submitted by a coalition of law led by Nuri al-Maliki, Prime Minister of the outgoing, recently to the Iraqi List, has been without a president of former prime minister Iyad Allawi's remarks in his handwriting it («Middle East»)
ajaf: Qassim al-Kaabi Erbil: Shirzad Shaikhani Baghdad: «Middle East»

Surprisingly, the distribution of positions in the next Iraqi government, attributed to the Iraqi List led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi and the published Web sites belonging to the Kurdish opposition, a sensation in political circles because it is based on the sharing of power between the Iraqi List and the List of state law, led by Prime Minister of the outgoing Nuri Maliki, while not granting the Kurds as any sovereign, according to that document, which has not been verified. He denied a party to the document, «Iraq» and «the rule of law», categorically denied by their connection, but Maliki insisted that the document came from the Iraqi List, while the latter confirmed that the opposite is true.

The main document to be the position of the Presidency, Parliament and the Ministries of Defence and Interior as well as sixteen other ministry of the share of the Iraqi List, while it retains a coalition of state law under the chairmanship of Minister and the share of the Kurds in case of necessity, according to the document, Vice President and Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and the Deputy Speaker of Parliament and some ministries, embassies and agencies «as assessed by the (Iraqi) election, not an entitlement».

The Adnan al-Sarraj, a prominent figure in a coalition of law, that the document or the demands and supplement its own provided by the Iraqi List, last Thursday, the twenty-third of the current month by Mustafa al-Hiti, leader of the National Dialogue Front, led by Saleh al-Mutlaq, and internalized within the Iraqi List.

The OS told «Middle East» This demands «met with the observations and a rejection of some aspects and in particular in relation to share the Kurds, and the content of the document that the Iraqi List is to be distributed ministries and benefits and not the electoral numbers and it does not recognize the government of national partnership», adding that « a coalition of state law rejected the document and stressed the Iraqi list in his reply that it is not a way to negotiate », and added that« the exiled Iraqi National List to this document is not justified and non-real ».

However, al-Hiti, categorically denied to have him any document to a coalition of state law, told «Middle East»: «Why I became Muslim document on behalf of the (Iraqi)? one gives me the command was not aware of me entertained!
While the asserted administrative sources from within the Iraqi List, that any signature of any of the members of the list is not on this document and that the theme of the Iraqi List, which leads the documents produced it does not exist is also, therefore, this document is not issued from the (Iraqi) and it proposals submitted by a coalition of law of the leader of the list (Allawi), which in turn gave them Thmichath ».

In Erbil, he is a member of the Kurdish negotiating committee that the memo «do not reflect the official position of the Iraqi List, which are negotiating with them to solve the crisis of the Iraqi government, and that the note made by a member of the list known Bhakdh the Kurdish people».

Condemned the MP Sami Church leadership in the Kurdistan Alliance, the issuance of that document and he told «Middle East» that «this note does not reflect the position of the Iraqi List, they are not disclosed officially, but due to a members of the list is known Bmaadath of the Kurdish people, but any of the the leaders of Iraqi political blocs have not indicated an interest in the content of the note, and the brothers in the Iraqi List, in turn, denied that what is included in the document reflects the position and their point of view, so we do not look at that note official attitude of the Iraqi List ».
The document that «the case of the need to involve the Kurds can be granted as follows: Vice-President of the Republic, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, and some ministries, embassies and bodies, including assessed by the (Iraqi) election, not an entitlement».

While the document proposes the presentation depending on the maturity «Iraq» for the following positions: President and Chairman of Parliament and Minister of Interior and the Minister of Defence.

The note identified the desired form of government, as a power-sharing government and not a government of national unity to ensure that there is strong opposition in Parliament to correct the deviations of the government and eliminate corruption.</TD></TR></TABLE>

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