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As of tomorrow displays the file "to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency

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As of tomorrow displays the file "to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency

Post  Shilo on Mon Oct 11, 2010 6:24 pm

As of tomorrow displays the file "to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency

(Voice of Iraq) - 10/11/2010

(Voice of Iraq) - - October 11, 2010 - The Central Bank launched in early 2007, to develop a strategic project located under the title of the reform of management system of the Iraqi currency on the recommendation of the Supreme Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers with the support of the Iraqi Ministry of Finance. The project speaks for gradual substitution of the Iraqi currency with another is lower than in the nominal value. From here, presents the program "as of tomorrow" on Alsumaria afternoon, Friday, October 15, 2010 at ten pm Baghdad time this topic to see its repercussions on the Iraqi economy.

Contagious and will discuss the program with guests Ahmed Hassan several themes in the context of the loop. Does the economic climate well suited to the order of these changes on the currency? The effects of deletion of zeros, including whether this is causing unrest in the Iraqi market?

Meanwhile, the guests discuss the possibility of bit of this project to reform the Iraqi system of payments and the impact of deletion of zeros on the stock market as well as to the descent completed the process of deletion of zeros.

Is a delete operation will add zeros to the value of purchasing something and economic gains that will come out in this project? In addition to details of other more accurate timing of the work related to the project.

Hosts "on tomorrow" in the next episode adviser to the CBI the appearance of Mohammed and two economists as Antoine Majid picture in addition to the economic expert Faili spokesman Thaer Investment Authority, Baghdad, as well as the President of the Federation of Iraqi businessmen and investors willing Reza industrial fixed Baldawi.

Full-time working group "on tomorrow" this week to put the episode titled "Delete zeros" of the Iraqi currency pm Friday, October 15, 2010 at ten pm Baghdad time, and run-off on Sunday morning at ten o'clock on Alsumaria, Iraqi Satellite TV Network. ... WKpg2UDpZA

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