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Alsumaria TV to Re-Run Dinar Re-Denomination Prog

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Alsumaria TV to Re-Run Dinar Re-Denomination Prog

Post  Shilo on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:57 pm

Alsumaria TV to Re-Run Dinar Re-Denomination Prog

17 October 2010

“Bi tarikh Al Ghad” is a weekly political talk-show prepared and presented by Ahmad Hassan and directed by Yaseen Mohamad Amin. It retraces the latest major political developments taking place in Iraq and handles events from a leading-edge angle.
“Bi tarikh al ghad” projects the consequences of newest developments on the political process and highlights their effect on the current situation. It analyzes as well the future impact of the present situation on Tomorrow’s political stands and provides insight on how Iraqis see their future. “Bi Tarikh Al Ghad” is a political talk-show aimed at uncovering the fate of Iraq.
Given the generated by the episode on Iraqi Dinar re-denomination that aired on 8-10-2010, the episode will be rerun on Friday 22-10-2010.
Iraq’s Central Bank set up a new strategic project in 2007 under the name of “Iraqi Currency revaluation” under the recommendation of the Supreme Economic Committee related to the Ministerial Council with the support of Iraq’s Finances Ministry. The project aims to re-denominate the national currency by removing zeros from the currency.
The episode tackled the following issues:

  • Is Iraq’s economy prepared for such a change?
  • What is the effect of removing zeros from the currency?
  • Will removing zeros from the currency cause fluctuations in the Iraqi market?
  • Is the project aimed to improve Iraqi payments system?
  • What is the effect of removing zeros on bonds market? How is the process of removing zeros progressing?
  • Will removing zeros add up to the purchase value?
  • What are the gains of such a project?

These questions were addressed with the following guests:

  • Iraq’s Central Bank advisor, Mazhar Mohammed;
  • Economist, Basem Antoine;
  • Economist, Majed Al Souri;
  • Baghdad Investment Committee spokesman and economist, Thaer Al Fili [Thair Feely];
  • Industrial investor, Thabet Al Baldawi;
  • Head of Iraqi Businessmen Union, Ragheb Rida;
  • and a number of Citizens.

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