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Iraq forms government

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Iraq forms government

Post  Shilo on Mon Nov 08, 2010 9:24 am

Iraq forms government
Agence France-Presse

November 8, 2010

Nuri al-Maliki, 60, Iraq's uncharismatic but tough-talking prime minister and former rebel, has won a second chance at the premiership eight months after inconclusive elections.

After a protracted political standoff that kept the country without a government following the March 7 elections, rival parties reached a power-sharing agreement with Maliki to stay in the top job.

Sentenced to death by Saddam Hussein, former guerrilla Maliki, who spent decades in exile, emerged from the shadows in 2006 to take the reins of Iraq's first permanent post-Saddam government.

Under his tenure the American military ended combat operations in Iraq at the end of August, keeping about 50,000 troops in the country to advise and assist the Iraqi authorities ... story.html


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