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U.S. Deputy Ambassador of Basra: Iraq will emerge from Chapter VII of the end of the year

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U.S. Deputy Ambassador of Basra: Iraq will emerge from Chapter VII of the end of the year

Post  MamaEhrhardt on Thu Dec 02, 2010 4:52 pm

02/12/2010 20:35 02/12/2010 20:35

Basra, December 2 / December (Rn) - The deputy U.S. ambassador to Iraq, said Thursday that Iraq will emerge from Chapter VII end of the year after that fulfilled all its obligations, stressing that his country's troops remaining in Iraq was transformed from a combat force to the advisory Although the attacks, bombs and rockets continue to target foreign workers, as well as with it.

Stuart Jones said at a news conference in Basra, and attended by a reporter and news agency Kurdistan (Rn) "The United States pledged to drive Iraq from Chapter VII and is committed to this pledge in the graduating end of this year."

Jones said, "fulfilled all its obligations with respect to oil for food program and does not possess weapons of mass destruction, leaving only the issues related with the Kuwaiti side and which will hopefully end it by the new Iraqi government during the next few days." Noting that "the UN envoy Nations in Iraq, Ad Melkert Interviews with all parties to come out the country's Chapter VII. "

With regard to U.S. forces remaining in Iraq, said Jones, "The work will be a consultant is no longer combat, and will cooperate with the Iraqis in the areas referenced and training after withdrawing about 25 thousand soldiers end of the year and thus would be a U.S. presence in Iraq has reached its lowest level."

Commented Jones also realize the improvised explosive devices and rockets, saying it was "aimed at foreigners working in Iraq in general, which impedes the progress and construction in the country and create jobs and investment, because the foreigner can not go to a place he finds himself a target." Noting that "foreign companies operating in Iraq in the past two days, expressed fear and concern of those attacks. "

He stressed that "the overall security situation in Basra is reassuring given that the security chiefs in the province showed their emphasis to reduce these attacks and to finish it as soon as possible, especially after the development of combat power in Iraq."

And visiting U.S. Deputy Ambassador to Basra, accompanied by the extension of trade, came in the context of the work to transform the American PRT reconstruction team to the diplomatic work at a U.S. consulate in the province, and the team carried out a number of important projects including the removal of the radioactive remnants of war and contribute to building a hospital of the child.

The delegation met with U.S. security chiefs in the province as well as businessmen, the President of the University of Basra in the context of a twinning project with the University of American universities.

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