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Maliki: We Want Germany to Stand With Us To Get Out of the Seventh Item

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Maliki: We Want Germany to Stand With Us To Get Out of the Seventh Item

Post  MamaEhrhardt on Sun Dec 05, 2010 9:31 am

.Maliki: We Want Germany to Stand With Us To Get Out of the Seventh Item

Baghdad (news) .. received the Prime Minister-designate Nuri Kamal al-Foreign Minister, German Pfister, Villa and his accompanying delegation. The Prime Minister said: "We are pleased to visit because of its important dimensions, particularly in the area of development investment, and that Iraqi companies need to connect with German companies, and we We look forward to increased cooperation in the field of railways, and this visit will be a new step for relations between the two countries, especially in the areas of investment and Men: WORK, Maliki has called for Germany to stand by Iraq to emerge from Chapter VII, confirming the absence of any justification for the survival of Iraq under this chapter, and Things are different from the past, noting that the new government will be formed before the deadline, and will be completed this task and then go to Parliament.

He added: that the work founding the many difficulties and democracy came against the backdrop of a dictatorial regime, a lot of problems, but we are working for democracy and to maintain them, and this was evident through four elections with broad participation of up to 68% in the time that this is not achieved popularity in stable states.

He said Prime Minister: that Christian is an important part of the Iraqi people, to them what the rest of the components of the people and for them what it is, the Constitution provides for freedom of the people, chosen for his beliefs, and the sons of Christian denominations to Ayaanon of official harassment in Iraq, the general principle of government is to citizenship is no difference between a Muslim and a Christian or any other component of the components of the people, but what is happening is a trial designed to create a problem for the Christians and the problem of Iraq with other countries, who have targeted Christians, now is they themselves who have targeted Muslims before them, and this is not only in Iraq but in other countries as well, and the beginning of strife they include all components of the Iraqi people, and terrorism when killed in Iraq is Aemez between a Muslim and a Christian because it is aimed at everyone, and we wish to inform the international community and the EU that Christians are our brothers have the same rights enjoyed by the general components of the people do not accept to leave their country, and we offer everything possible to provide the necessary protection for them and live in security, stability and prosperity.

For his part, German Foreign Minister his country's keenness to develop relations with Iraq and to stand by his side to come out of Chapter VII, and its eagerness to expand the circle of cooperation between the two countries, especially in the areas of building and construction investment and the work of German companies and the signing of agreements in this framework, cooperation in the field of railways.

He praised the attention it Pfister Villa Ihoudy sect of Christianity in Iraq by the government, calling on Christian clergy to stay in Iraq as long as this country known for religious tolerance. / Finished / (n. R) ..

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