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Finance expert: dollar l.d behind money

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Finance expert: dollar l.d behind money

Post  Shilo on Tue Dec 07, 2010 9:17 am

Finance expert: dollar l.d behind money
Tuesday, 07-12-2010 11: 25 am

Baghdad (newsletter).Detect financial expert jeweller for reasons contrary to the dollar versus Iraqi dinars during the recent period.
Goldsmith said in a statement he made (News Agency of news) on Monday: the dollar is not only justified that he acted individually by people money for quick profits.
Goldsmith said: these rises are not relevant to the market or any other topic and everything there that people follow banking behaviour is not associated with the reality of economic activity in the country.
And between the drafter: the owners of shops banking guessed would happen different topic deleted zeros in currency, but things are not as was previously in place as this topic will be reflected positively on the Iraqi dinar value against the dollar.
He continued, that some young mental alsirveyen acting before 2003 detriment to the Iraqi economy.
Goldsmith said that a clear monetary policy wemsitrali Forex located in an open market and deal clearly to all.
The price of the dollar against the dinar has rose to 1122 JD on every dollar.

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