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get us out of item VII depends on regional consensus

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get us out of item VII depends on regional consensus

Post  Shilo on Tue Dec 07, 2010 9:22 am

Abdelbari Zebari: get us out of item VII depends on regional consensus
Tuesday, 07-12-2010 10: 57 am

Baghdad (newsletter).Kurdistan coalition member Abdul Bari Zebari to eject Iraq from item VII is subject to a regional consensus.
Zebari told (News Agency of news) to eject Iraq today: from Chapter VII need to issue a decision by the Security Council after five States did not object, specifically the United States permanent membership.
The output needs a special regional consensus Kuwait and the United States politicians that consider trends in Kuwait before making any decision easily directed by Iraq of item VII.
He ruled out the Iraq of item VII although there tvael us.
The Member State Committee in the previous Parliament had excluded the Taha luhaybi was coming out of Iraq and item VII. luhaybi was said in a statement earlier (News): that Iraq will come out of item VII because America and Kuwait and Iran and some neighbors don't want that,
Noting that Iraq was put under item VII because it threatens global peace and security and now Iraq is at risk from neighbouring and Americans nor threatens any security in any peace but needs protection.
The reason the drafting Iraq under item VII defeated us recognition as well as the readiness of Iraqi forces receive security file, no need to keep Iraq under item.
And continued luhaybi was asked the Government to sue States occupied and engaged in the occupation of Iraq, Kuwait claiming damages we demand weakening Iraq compensation because makotl in equivalent Kuwaitis b 6 times

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