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Central Bank Governor

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Central Bank Governor

Post  Shilo on Wed Dec 15, 2010 9:14 am

Economic reports: Central Bank Governor:

Budget this year focused on increasing investment in Iraq
Iraqi media network

Dr. Sinan Al-Shabibi Bank that this year's budget investment budget because it focused on increasing the volume of investment.
Al-Shabibi said that the Central Bank's role is to address the imbalances resulting from the development process for changes in the economic structure, master.
Noting that the Central Bank's work is the development of stable monetary environment through all the means and policies to achieve economic stability and moderate environment recovery and moderate inflation.

He continued, our relationship with budget on preserving its resources, by combating inflation.
Stressing that the Bank has many procedures including raising dinar.
Noting that the impact on the budget through influencing the purchasing power of Government, and will grow through inflation.
Al-Shabibi said: this policy will increase confidence in dinars which would sort of money for the banking sector and rationalizing government spending because of its impact on inflation.
Noting that this procedure reduces the import goods such as import prices and the development of Government imports come from Iraqi dinar conversion to US dollars.
He added that this policy while weaken the Government's ability to buy dinar it strengthens aldinaralaraki Government-owned.
Noting that the Bank wants means affect economic and monetary policy by making valuable dinar and strength

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