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Security Council votes to end sanctions on Iraq

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Security Council votes to end sanctions on Iraq

Post  Shilo on Wed Dec 15, 2010 7:27 pm

Security Council votes to end sanctions on Iraq

Rice to accept Zebari gaiety to remove Iraq from under Chapter VII
(CNN) -
United Nations (CNN) - UN Security Council voted in favor of lifting of the sanctions on the Arab country, since the era of the late President Saddam Hussein, as well as the termination of the program of "oil for food", as well as to extend the protection of the United Nations for Iraq funds for six additional months.

During a private meeting the Security Council held Wednesday, led by Vice President Joe Biden, the voice of the members of the Council on the three resolutions relating to remove Iraq from under the mandate of "Chapter VII" of the Charter of the United Nations, who underwent his Iraq nearly 20 years, in the wake of the Iraqi forces invasion of Kuwait.

In a speech to members of the Council, praised the U.S. vice-president what he called "progress towards democracy" in Iraq was, in addition to the Iraqi government to meet all their obligations towards the international community.

The delegate of America to the United Nations, Susan Rice, had expressed, in a letter addressed to the Secretary-General of the International Ban Ki-moon, expressed Washington's support for ending the sanctions imposed on Iraq, said that the aim of the special meeting of the Security Council is "to recognize the progress being made in Iraq, and support the Iraqi people. "

Ban Ki-moon shakes hands with Zebari and Biden shaking hands congratulating Samir Sumaida'ie, to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
Before the vote, the radio said, "Free Iraq" for an agent and the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, Labeed Abbawi, that the Security Council will discuss Wednesday, three important issues for Iraq, which is ending the sanctions contained in the decision to disarm weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and close the file of the oil for food and medicine, and the extension the protection of Iraqi funds.

The official described the Iraqi Foreign these files as "the is settled now," pointing out that Iraq is "no longer threatens international peace and security," and said that he had left only a relationship between Iraq and Kuwait, and this file when it ends, will come out of Iraq from the mandate of Chapter VII.

The Abbawi that the next Iraqi government will end this last file, which he described as "an obstacle against the withdrawal of Iraq from the mandate of Chapter VII," noting that the relationship between Iraq and Kuwait "have witnessed a positive development," and added that the next government will start serious negotiations with Kuwait in this regard soon .

Kuwait has recently announced its opposition to Iraq out of the mandate of "Chapter VII" only after the implementation of its international obligations, and stressed that no country was the right international resolutions, to implement what you want and ignore what you want.

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