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low inflation will improve Iraqi dinar

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low inflation will improve Iraqi dinar

Post  Shilo on Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:56 am

Economist: low inflation will improve Iraqi dinar

Baghdad (News) ...Economic expert confirmed that low inflation smism peace would improve the Iraqi dinar.
Smism said in a news agency) news today: dinar will improve after Central Bank low rate of inflation.
Explained: the improvement in the interest of dinar ' through high value entry fixed, thus obtaining an increase in goods and services.
Smism said: the economic reality of the individual is now locked to choose between real income and cash income, cash hwalkmih cash income for income as real income is the amount of goods and services acquired by the individual through the use of cash income.
Smism said: If we take the example of per capita income of 500,000 dinars what can be obtained from the accommodation, food, freight and medicines and other requirements of life, but if the value of the currency of the country has improved, fixed income earners will become valuable, and may lead to higher employment rate of unemployment.
Excluded smism capacity of the Ministry of trade alone to protect the market from the goods, because Iraq is towards WTO membership, conventions do not place restrictions on import and export. "However, the protection of smism GDP comes through the quality control process management, and photographed through a culture of integrity that oversees border markets moumen during strict, as well as research to reduce cost of production of goods are imported by traders.

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