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Maliki’s salary equivalent to the salaries of six thousand two hundred Iraqi civil servants and weak salary Obama

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Maliki’s salary equivalent to the salaries of six thousand two hundred Iraqi civil servants and weak salary Obama Empty Maliki’s salary equivalent to the salaries of six thousand two hundred Iraqi civil servants and weak salary Obama

Post  Shilo on Sun Apr 04, 2010 10:38 pm

(Voice of Iraq) – 04/04/2010

Dealing with most of the Iraqi press the issue of elections and alliances taking place between the blocks winning, but the administrative corruption taking reads the headlines because of the poor humanitarian situation, which showed that two thirds of the Iraqi people to live the level of the poverty line while growing up the rulers of the Green Zone, the advantages that the disposal of the State Treasury, led by a commercial bank dating its ownership to Ahmed Chalabi.

Iraqi funds

In an editorial in ‘Union’ Mohamed Al-Mallah: Do you know where Iraq’s money? TBI Trade Bank of Iraq

It said: Did you know that the Bank of TBI, which is an abbreviation of Trade Bank of Iraq Trade Bank of Iraq, which contains all the money the Iraqi government and oil revenue from the Company (SOMO) of Iraqi oil marketing company.

As well as all payments of contracts and the Ministry of Commerce (payments ration) and also any contract for the processing of the state or the establishment or reconstruction must have an account from this bank does not accept any offer for a State only a letter of guarantee or letter of the proper execution of this bank and contains the funds function of donor and money unit reconstruction of Iraq, which is linked to (Citibank) (Citibank) and Pocket Morkn American and manages all financial transactions and commissions of the Iraqi state ..

Did you know that the budget of the Electoral Commission for elections in Iraq appreciates the open and has no financial ceiling ô. My uncle worked and play omitted ô Did you know that it is not independent, and nothing is tracking the government.

Did you know that Iraq’s budget for 2010 amounted to 72.4 billion dollars, equivalent to the budget of four countries is the combination of Syria’s 16 billion and Jordan 7.6 billion, Lebanon 6.2 billion and Egypt, 36.5 billion without a disability, Egypt, which has a population of nearly 70 million people. It is worth mentioning that Iraq’s budget year 2003, Bremer announced by the ruling amounted to 6.1 billion dollars.

Did you know that Iraq has borrowed days before the 250 billion dollars from the Central Bank to cover the deficit budget, according to claim Mr. Baqir Jabr, Minister of Finance of 5.5 billion dollars and had already borrowed one month ago, 5.5 billion dollars to bridge a deficit of 5.5 billion dollars will be borrowed at the end of this month third of this year, 36.6 billion dollars from Japan to fill the same helplessness I, II and III, which is the same as 5.5 billion dollars ô. Ajeeb this deficit was concluded My uncle ô Adztamona ..

Did you know that the sum of the four budgets approved by the House of Representatives during the four years of the Maliki government amounted to 311 billion dollars.

And disbursement of budget Kurdistan region 17 ‘and only spent on ministries, governorates and the Iraqi government 222 billion dollars, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture, electricity, oil, trade, irrigation, health, municipalities, higher education, education and even to share the ration I wonder where I went the 36 billion dollars the rest?

It was not clear where spent! Did you know that over the past four years devoted to the Oil Ministry, led by Minister gallant Hussain al-Shahristani 18.6 billion dollars and strange than that the ministry did not drill one well in Iraq during this period and that all fields that are drilled before that time. Wondrous things weird issue ..

Did you know that the cost of 1 megawatt of electricity in the global market mounted and ready to reach 879 thousand dollars and that the Ministry of Electricity that failed to provide electricity during the four years under the leadership of Karim Wahid, Minister of Electricity secured only 650 megawatt has received a budget from the Parliament is estimated at 11.8 billion dollars .

Where the money went, “O Karim Wahid? ‘And the people does not have electricity. Did you know that there are 4 billion rounded at the Ministry of Finance for four years in a row shift from year to year, after which no one knows where you spent! Where you spent Baqir Jabr.

Did you know that a farmer’s trade minister ousted in Maliki’s government, which fled to the UAE or fled as accurately express it takes a commission from his brother 40 dollars for each ton of sugar contract with Iraqi Ministry of Trade (specially for the share of supply), and if you include every contract signed with the Ministry of Commerce to 100 thousand tons on the average measure of the rest of the contracts means that he gets 4 million dollars for each contract .. Do not be sad commission is now 60 dollars.

Do you know how much is the salary of Mr. Nuri al-Maliki Prime Minister of Iraq is 2 million dollars a month .. Note that the salary of the President of the United States of America’s richest and largest country in the world is 48 thousand dollars to President Obama as a monthly magazine ‘L’Express’, French President Sarkozy’s salary is 29,331 euros per month.

And receive German Chancellor Angela Merkel 23000 euros a month either British Prime Minister Gordon Brown fifties worth 22500 EUROS per month, this means that the salary of Nuri al-Maliki equivalent of more than Obama’s salary in three years. Written Community poor ..

Did you know that Iraq’s budget would amount to 300 billion dollars in 2020, oil revenues will come from the licensing round for drilling and exploiting oil wells and increasing production capacity of oil fields and improve oil production by foreign firms that have signed contracts with the Oil Ministry, which will begin to harvest the fruit of Iraq…28&sl=ar&tl=en

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