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We are no longer chatting in this room. It has served its purpose for a few years now.....

now we are all moving to a new chatroom

Evy (not using Shilo...but using Maddy) & Mama(MamaEhrhardt) are currently chatting here.

please go to this site, register and join us in our newest journey in following the dinar investment.

This site will no longer be maintained.

Nenosplace Announcement: Chat w/ Ali (Thurs 8pm PST)

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Nenosplace Announcement: Chat w/ Ali (Thurs 8pm PST) Empty Nenosplace Announcement: Chat w/ Ali (Thurs 8pm PST)

Post  Shilo on Tue Apr 06, 2010 6:27 pm

April 6, 2010 · Posted in CHATS / POSTS
Neno’s Place is planning on a Chat night with Ali. This is being set-up for Thursday evening 8PM -about 9PM Central time zone.

This Chat will get Moderated about 8:05 after everyone has said there hellos. That means at that time, all Chat Text will go behind the scenes. Only the Admins will see the Chat.

All Moderators of Neno’s Place if they are needed will TEXT in RED. Most likely, this will not be a need unless they have a Question.

You the Chat Member will send your Question to a moderator in a Instance message or just text your question in the chat. The Admins can see it and will approve the question for release.

Not all questions may not get answered as we anticipate many but, we will try to get them in. Please be respectful towards the Session. It is and will be totally controled from behind the scenes.

We will not wear Ali out with questions picked out that WE (Cat and I) feel are not appropriate or, thing a little reading will take care of it. Do not get your feeling hurt if your question is over looked.

The main screen will show the Question and Ali’s Replies. After the Chat is over, a Transcript of the Session will be posted in the Chat forum.

All Members are invited and and one not a Member, will have to of had registered prior to the Chat and, activated their membership thru a email sent to the email registered with. Very simple process for anyone wanted to share with others and how to become a free member at Nenos Place.

Prior to the chat, I will not be answering any PMs or Emails. My focus will be on the Chat ran successful. If we can do this, as the last time we tried this which was a Mad house, possibly this can be done more and more since Neno’s Place is the Official Discussion Board for Dinar Trade. We will see.

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