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News Summary April 7, 2010

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News Summary April 7, 2010

Post  Shilo on Thu Apr 08, 2010 7:06 am

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Following is a summary of news reports posted until 04:00 p.m. Baghdad local time Wednesday – April 7:


BAGHDAD - Iraqi Vice President Adel Abdulmahdi arrived in Kuwait within his Arab and regional tour, according to a presidential statement on Wednesday.

BAGHDAD - Following is a summary of news reports posted until 10:00 p.m. Baghdad local time Tuesday  – April 6:

NAJAF - Former Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaffari won the referendum made by the Sadrist bloc with 24% of the votes, spokesman for the Sadrist bloc said on Wednesday.

BAGHDAD - Iraq’s Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Abd Ziyab al-Ujeili, called on Wednesday for forming a technocrat government of national figures, according to a statement of his office.


WASSIT - Joint forces arrested on Wednesday al-Qaeda leader in northern Wassit, according to an official police source.

DIALA - A total of 12 al-Qaeda suspected gunmen were arrested by police forces in separate areas of Diala, the local police chief said on Wednesday.

NINEWA - Police forces found a civilian body in eastern Mosul, according to a police source on Wednesday.

NINEWA - Army forces arrested on Wednesday three wanted men in western Mosul city, an army source said.

NINEWA - Two policemen were wounded on Wednesday in a roadside bomb blast in north of Talafar, a source from the joint coordination center said.

BAGHDAD - Joint forces found on Wednesday in Wassit a C4 explosives depot, a source from the National Security Department said.

BAGHDAD - Six civilians were wounded on Wednesday in an improvised explosive device blast in southern Baghdad, a police source said.

WASSIT - Police forces arrested on Wednesday one of the men accused of being involved in an assassination attempt that targeted a high-ranking officer in Wassit province.

DIALA - Four civilians, from the same family, were injured by army forces in Baaquba, a media source from the Diala police department said on Wednesday.

BASRA - Six wanted men were arrested and a bomb was defused on Wednesday in Basra Province, according to a police source.


BAGHDAD - The Iraqi Government has a “realistic” plan to take full ownership by the end of this year of a fund administering proceeds from export sales of petroleum under the now defunct Oil-for-Food Programme, a top United Nations budget official said on Tuesday.

BAGHDAD - Iraqi Industry Ministry discussed investment opportunities with a delegation from the Russian firm Wontert Capital AG, according to a Ministry’s statement on Wednesday.

BASRA - Iraqi Ports Company has signed a contract with a U.A.E.-based firm to rehabilitate parts of Umm Qasr Port in Basra province, southern Iraq, according to an official statement on Wednesday.

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