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Complete the final version of a statement for the integration of the Iraqi National

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Complete the final version of a statement for the integration of the Iraqi National

Post  Shilo on Wed Apr 14, 2010 10:56 am

Complete the final version of a statement for the integration of the Iraqi National coalitions and state law

(2010-04-14 m)

Voice of Nasiriyah /

Detect lead in the National Coalition Muhammad Naji al-Iraqi from the completion of the final version of a statement to be announced next Friday at the headquarters of the National Coalition, which includes the official announcement for the integration of a coalition of national and state law in order to form the largest parliamentary bloc, the House of Representatives next year. Naji said in a statement said Wednesday that coalitions held a series of meetings and dialogues, even to the late hours of the night to agree on the common points and unify visions of the future in order to form the next government, which would involve all political elements, including the Iraqi List. He added that the most important reasons that led us to postpone the announcement of this Agreement for the existence of some technical differences in some of the terms of the Declaration of integration, stressing that all the components of the National Coalition, led by the Sadrists have shown flexibility and the approval of a merger and we are involved in the deal, serious for us. Nagy also denied that the visit of the President of the Supreme Council of Islamic al-Hakim to Saudi Arabia to do with the question of integration or coalitions on the form the next government, noting that Mr. Hakim believes that the issue of government formation is purely an internal affair. He concluded Nagy saying we want to really open with all neighboring countries and the Arab countries and we are working to restore Arab ties with Iraq, but not at the expense of interventions in the internal affairs of the country, but on the basis of an exchange of views and building bridges with our surroundings Arab and Islamic world, noting that we want to Nthbt to the world that Iraq is not as in time of the dictatorial regime, but became a democratic system seeks to achieve stability in the region.


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