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The coming hours will be announced integration between my state of law and the Iraqi National

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The coming hours will be announced integration between my state of law and the Iraqi National Empty The coming hours will be announced integration between my state of law and the Iraqi National

Post  Shilo on Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:41 pm

The coming hours will be announced integration between my state of law and the Iraqi National
April 16, 2010 · Posted in NEWS

Who will be the Prime Minister in Iraq for 4 years to come?

Baghdad: still the political arena in Iraq looking for the identity of the next prime minister amid a chorus of statements varying the winner blocs in the legislative elections, senior politicians and concerned about who would lead the country in the next phase, which requires little in the various fields to promote Iraq’s collapse that long and longer strong actor.

In this context, Deputy nostalgia Qadu attributed the cause of the complexity of the political scene to the persistence of the political blocs positions sovereign .

Arguing that the search for a compromise candidate for prime minister would affect the formation of the next government.

Said / that leaders of political blocs will not allow the winner to be a candidate from outside the settlement blocs, and this will further complicate the matter more / .

Adding that the difference between the political blocs to choose a candidate for the post of prime minister was due to close results between the two lists Iraqi and coalition rule of law and because of the incompatibility of their candidates by the other blocs.

In turn, approved the deputy coalition rule of law Izzat Shabandar that serious consultations on forming a government has not started yet .

He noted in this connection that the political blocs awaiting authentication results of the elections by the Federal Court and to clarify Almadti / 70 and 76 / of the Constitution.

Referred to the articles / 70 and 76 / of the Constitution stipulates that the president assigns the candidate of the parliamentary majority to form a Council of Ministers within fifteen days from the date of the presidential election.

Shabandar said in a statement to reporters today / the masses did not understand until now, the concept will shape the next government .

Cluster winning elections or parliamentary bloc, the largest in the new House of Representatives and by the fact that the Federal Court did not explain this /.

He revealed that during the next hours will be announced integration between my state of law and the Iraqi National.

And about the reasons behind the delay such a declaration attributed the leader of the Iraqi National Coalition Mohammed Naji to the difference in the final version of the coalition statement said.

Nagy stressed in a press statement in this regard that the amendments to the formula continues, and that the outlines were evident on the map form the next government.

And on the dialogues between the political blocs have revealed the existence of reciprocal visits between leaders of the masses .

Indicating that the picture started to become clear on the formation of the largest bloc .

He also stressed at the same time that the alliance of the menus and form the biggest bloc does not mean the exclusion of other political entities for the next government.

With regard to the position of Kurds from the ongoing political process said a member of the Kurdistan Alliance Mohsen al-Sadoun said the agreement with the rest of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc premature.

He denied Saadoun told reporters the conclusion of any agreement between the Kurdistan Alliance and other blocs .

He / Through the meetings, there will be a clear vision of the Kurdistan Alliance, which can be close to them to form a government and the designation of prime ministers and the Republic /.

In turn, a member of the Kurdistan Alliance, said Abdul Khaliq Zangana that the nomination of the coalition to remain dependent on the prime minister within the new Council of Representatives in the event there is no agreement on a candidate winning the first of the blocks and blocks of political agreement to do so.

The Zangana told reporters today that the Kurdistan Alliance is not the winning list for the first nomination of a member of it for prime minister .

He noted that the Constitution is clear in this matter and that different political groups in the interpretation of the article to do so.

He / the rest of the positions need to be sovereign coalition blocs or more within the House of Representatives in order to reach two-thirds of the number of members of the parliament’s 325 deputies to fill these positions / .

Said Xu, adding the coming period will witness the arrival of the delegation of the Kurdistan Alliance to Baghdad in order to reach shared visions with other blocs to form alliances the coming period.

At the level of communication that are aimed at accelerating steps to form the next government, President Jalal Talabani called for the need to continue the parties and political blocs to serious and constructive dialogue among themselves in order to reach a comprehensive agreement on forming the next government.

A statement by the Presidency of the Republic should demand Talabani This came during a meeting with the current national reform, and a member of the National Coalition Ibrahim al-Jaafari, where the two sides stressed the importance of joint work between the parliamentary blocs all to accelerate the formation of the government and everyone involved in it without marginalizing anyone.

It should be noted that the Sadrists had recently conducted a referendum to choose a prime minister, was nominated five characters are Iyad Allawi and Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Nuri al-Maliki, Jaafar al-Sadr and Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and the vacuum left by those who wish to sixth those for non-citizens.

He won in the referendum, Ibrahim al-Jaafari winning 24 / / percent of the vote, followed by Jaafar al-Sadr b / 23 / percent of the vote.

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