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Iraqi newspapers refer to crystallize near final version of the Iraqi government

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Iraqi newspapers refer to crystallize near final version of the Iraqi government

Post  Shilo on Sat Apr 17, 2010 4:48 pm

April 17, 2010 · Posted in NEWS
17/04/2010 09:22

Erbil, April 17 (Akaniwz) – variety of topics addressed by the Iraqi newspapers on Saturday between political, cultural, economic, including those involving internal affairs, and other related affairs of the international, but the still of concern to everyone in the country of negotiations to form the next government does not still holds the attention of local newspapers, in a time of growing fears that the negotiations would continue in many weeks, which will reflect negatively on the situation of the country from where he left a power vacuum in addition to the security implications.

Iraqi newspapers, and seemed optimistic about the near blocks of winning the parliamentary elections which took place on the seventh of last month to develop a final version to form the next government.

The newspaper “Sabah,” the government that “the way of a clear-cut alliances and He appears to be passable through the ongoing movement to create the appropriate atmosphere to a government of national partnership.”

She added that “positions indicate that the next few days will witness the birth of an alliance of both the coalition rule of law and national levels after reaching agreement on many issues, while there is one candidate for the post of prime minister, subject to consensus parties affiliated to the coalition of the forthcoming feet, leading figures of the reassurances to Iraqi list to be included in the next government, despite its adherence to their constitutional right to form the government. ”

Confirmed as leader of the coalition of the rule of law Hassan Sinead, that his coalition and the National Coalition “would call after the Iraqi List alliance to form a government.”

Opening that” the time is right now to announce the formation of an alliance between the government and Kurdish coalitions, “Mady said,” We believe that the survival of the Iraqi opposition is not working and the participation in government. ”

In the same context, did not rule out other political forces to resort to the principle of a candidate of the settlement to the post of prime minister who represents the node most prominent in consultations political leaders after holding most of the parties concerned of nominees for this position, predicted a leadership role in the Kurdistan Alliance Mahmoud Othman said, “are resorted to a compromise candidate if remained dialogues between the political blocs, who is currently going direction. ”

The newspaper notes that “This statement sums up the depth of overlap conflict between the winning lists and aspiring to take over this position.”

In turn, the newspaper highlighted the “long” light on the ongoing political movement in the country to form the next government, in a sign of them near to the entities to get to the alliances, which paves the formation of the government newspaper said that the “coalition of the state of law and the National Coalition expected to sign the Sadrists.”

The newspaper quoted Hassani spokesman for the Coalition “rule of law” led by Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki as saying that “the position of Iraq’s presidency has been settled in favor of President Jalal Talabani, after agreement was reached between coalitions of national and state law to renew the mandate Talabani.”

He also revealed that the official announcement of the Alliance of coalitions “state law” and “National Coalition” was close, and reached the final stage pending the approval of the machinery for choosing the Prime Minister, the government program, and the selection and removal of ministers, before the signing of the decision of the alliance.

For his part, said a member of the National Coalition, Mohammed al-Bayati said, “the coalition negotiations, the national and state law are coming to an end,” noting that “in the coming days will be announced alliance between coalitions for the purpose of initiating the formation of government in collaboration with the Kurdistan Alliance bloc.”

On the other hand, informed sources said that “negotiators from the Iraqi National Coalition, in particular of the mass free of the Sadrist movement, demanded guarantees from the state of law regarding the protection of the agreement and naming the prime minister and not to repeat the experience of the previous government, which is being negotiated by the refusal of the state of law that. ”

The leader of the Liberal bloc, Bahaa al-”we consider the experience of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki was bad and we are not to be repeated.”

It was scheduled to be announced this agreement on Tuesday was postponed for 48 hours and ended this period without the announcement of this Agreement. It turns out that a number of sticking points are waiting for the resolution, and that the decision announcement is expected a final position of the Sadr movement.

In this regard, too, was quoted by “justice” for the Kurdish leader Mahmoud Othman as saying that “demands to participate in the Iraqi coalition government is the legitimate demands, but are not entitled to the threat of sectarian war in the absence of their participation.”

The position of Othman, a member of the Kurdistan Alliance winning 43 seats in legislative elections last, in response to warnings by the leader of a coalition of Iraq Iyad Allawi on Friday said that Iraq “could slip into a sectarian war” if it has ruled out a coalition Iraqi government formation the next, noting that “This path would be very grave, and the results will yield the desired contrast, and the reaction will reverse sharply. will collapse the basis on which we have set for our nascent democracy.”

Othman added that “the threat warning from the Iraqi List, a sectarian war in the absence of government involvement, is one of the methods of pressure on the political blocs to achieve the demands of Iraq,” while predicting “civil war in the absence of the involvement of the Iraqi government.…ws&sl=ar&tl=en

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