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Iraqis and the world is waiting for the voices of Baghdad

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Iraqis and the world is waiting for the voices of Baghdad

Post  Shilo on Sun May 02, 2010 11:16 am

Announced the Independent Electoral Commission to recount votes counted manually and Baghdad will begin on Monday. Commission President Faraj said the Commission would implement the decision of the judiciary and re-sorting and counting process transparently.

Will be the process of sorting and counting in an atmosphere of anticipation accompanied by queries on the willingness of the election commission for the advancement of the task, unprecedented in the experience of the Iraqi election, and questions about what happened to the polls for Baghdad governorate since decided to re-open it, and those who protect and place, which will be the counting of votes and the possibility of the presence of foreign observers and local communities and the role of the representatives of political entities.Radio Free Iraq took these questions to a member of the Council's Electoral Commission, Sardar Abdul Karim, the Commission reviewed the preparations for the process of sorting and counting before its launch on Monday. Abdel Karim said the ballot boxes are now stored in warehouses and will be moved to the place of counting in the presence of observers, pointing out that the teams will be the process of sorting and counting hundred twenty teams from other provinces as well as a process in a special place.
Questions that arise in connection with the re-screening process and counting the fate of ballot boxes and safety during the period of the decision of the judiciary of elections so that the transfer of funds to the place of sorting and counting. In this regard, said a member of the Council of the Independent Electoral Commission Sardar Abdul Karim said the funds were throughout this period in the custody of security agencies and in particular the Security Committee of the UNHCR.
Pledged to the Independent Electoral Commission to ensure transparency in the recount of votes and counting. Abdul Karim said that the agents of political entities that participated in the congressional elections of March will be present to oversee the process.
United Nations participated in the electoral process since its inception by virtue of the mandate of its mission in Iraq. Announced the international organization itself through the President of the United Nations mission to help Iraq Ed Melkert that the system of counting and sorting provides a sufficient safety valves against fraud:
"In general, we are confident that the counting system contains mechanisms to audit and review necessary to ensure that the results are representative of the will of the electorate."
Sardar Abdul Karim said that the United Nations will be present at the recount and counting by hand is also expected to attend along with representatives of the UN observers from foreign embassies in Baghdad, noting the difficulty of the return of international observers who attended the election in the seventh of March.
He predicted member of the Electoral Commission, Sardar Abdul Karim said the manual count takes more than two weeks likely continue for three weeks.
Commission decided to judicial elections, after considering the complaints and objections to a number of political entities that returned the screening process and counting manually in the province of Baghdad, saying only that the elections that took place in the rest of the provinces were free of any irregularities.

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