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A source in the Iraqi rule out the formation of a national salvation government

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A source in the Iraqi rule out the formation of a national salvation government

Post  Shilo on Mon May 03, 2010 7:34 am

May 2, 2010 · Posted in NEWS
Baghdad / Orr News

A senior source revealed the existence of consultations and described the task, taking place in Washington between the United Nations and the U.S. administration for the settlement of the crisis of the last parliamentary poll.

The source said “Any change in election results by re-counting the votes or eliminate candidates winners, would turn the political equation in the country,” he said, adding the “world” that the issue of eradication of the long number of successful candidates, most of them Iraqi List “is not something critical so far, and will not resolve the capacity it was announced because the results will be serious, as was the case for the cancellation of their voices, which decided not calculated for their respective entities as it is a dangerous precedent. ” The source said the unresolved issues “depend on the attitude of Iraq and the possibility that carry out its threat to withdraw from the political process, Fbaki the parties can not form a government without the smooth, as well as the use of Iraqi UN in this regard, “stressing that Ed Melkert Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq,” is currently engaged in discussions in Washington so they can be a compromise, “according to the information available to the Iraqi List.

And on the U.S. position said the source “said that American intervention will not be directly but will come through the United Nations to be paid by the direction of intervention to resolve the crisis,” noting that “America will not allow the exclusion of Iraq.” Source, however, ruled out that there will be a national salvation government, as demanded by Iraq, under any settlement that might be raised during the coming days.

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