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Parliament opened within 10 days and meeting would remain open for 40 days

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Parliament opened within 10 days and meeting would remain open for 40 days

Post  Shilo on Sun Jun 06, 2010 3:54 pm

Parliament opened within 10 days and meeting would remain open for 40 days
6 Jun 2010

Expected deputies of different masses to be held the first session of parliament after about 10 days, while stressing the Sadrists on Saturday, he was not opposed to the survival of the Dawa Party, in power 10 years ago, but believes that insisting on the nomination of Nuri al-Maliki to head the government will face rejection by 75% members of parliament.

Some expect to keep the first session of Parliament open for several weeks, as happened four years ago when the first meetings lasted 40 days. Is supposed to open the House of Representatives before 15 this month after the Federal Court confirmed the election results earlier this month.

So far, the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, is the largest clusters, where the project has delayed the integration of the rule of law and the National Coalition for the crisis their candidate for prime minister and al-Maliki's insistence to hold on to his job amid rejection from the rest of his allies.

In a statement to »World» said Mahmoud Othman, a member of the Kurdistan Alliance «in spite of the absence of any developments so far and the approaching Parliament's first session, but is likely to see this period some surprises». And without giving any further details about the type of surprises have come to expect, Link to this scenario the table finally talking about the convergence of Kurds with Allawi and the National Coalition against Maliki Osman said the continuing disagreement between coalitions Shiite «would prevent the formation of the largest bloc forming the next government and, therefore, ordered the formation of this ministry may be interpreted at the beginning to the Iraqi list as the largest blocks on the scene until now ».

Stresses Osman that the reason for the difference between coalitions (state of law and the Iraqi National) is the position of the next prime minister, expected to «be an open meeting, as happened during the formation of a government in 2006 where it remained an open meeting about 40 days until the parties agreed on the positions of the three presidential».

In the meantime, said in a statement issued by his office Hamoudi leadership of the Supreme Council said Iraqi President Jalal Talabani sent yesterday greetings to the leadership of the National Coalition on the occasion of ratification of the Federal Court on the results of the elections, and invited them to submit their proposals regarding the convening of the first meeting of new Council of Representatives, prior to issuing a presidential decree in this regard. "

Talabani called on the leadership of the coalition, according to the statement, to provide "views and proposals in this regard so that publication of the decree provided for a constitutional".

To that, Amir al-Kanani, Secretary General of the current Liberal of the Sadrist movement, told Al »World» that the first session of the parliament «will be devoted to repeating the section to members of parliament (325 representatives), and be headed by the oldest member, and then be issued to make it an open meeting of the in order to choose the leader of parliament and his two deputies ».

He pointed out that «there is a hierarchy should be adhered to, after 15 days from the election of the Speaker will be elected President of the Republic, which in turn will cost the biggest bloc after 15 days of the election, to form a government to be given a deadline for the main grouping of exposing government to the parliament within 30 days from the date of Mandate ».

Kanani, said his bloc had no objection to the survival of the Dawa party in power another 4 years in addition to the past six years (the era of Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Maliki and the era).

He said «there is mixing between our position on the Dawa Party and our position on the al-Maliki, Vthfezna towards the latter was not as He is the head of the Dawa party, where we present an internal affair for them, but our reservation on the display-Maliki for prime minister, which we consider the Shan State of Iraq and that our reservation it».

He says that part of the reasons for the opposition candidate for the al-Maliki made the Shiite bloc, is an expectation that is being rejected by 75 per cent of the deputies.

He added «This is not about the Dawa party, but al-Maliki is from a failure in the management of many of the files especially the security file and the file's foreign policy, as well as file services and the economy», adding that «all the files that were the responsibility of the previous government failed to solve particular regarding the rights and freedoms rights ».

He asked «Why does he insist on the survival of the Dawa Party, Maliki, is it a compliment to him? Especially that most political parties, whether coalition or Iraqi Kurdistan and the Supreme Council standing contrast of his candidacy, and we expect that more than two-thirds of the House of Representatives refuse to vote for him if put up his name ».

Expects a beauty melon, a member of the Iraqi List, would pave the Iraqi President Jalal Talabani to convene the first session of the House of Representatives in intensive contacts with all parties, stressing for «world» that the convening of the meeting «will be either on Thursday or Sunday next week».

And whether the Iraqi List will remain is the biggest bloc with the opening of Parliament, said watermelon «The list sees itself in the lead and steeled to accept the mandate of the President to form a government in accordance with due constitutional, either alliances and mergers other is a legitimate right, especially after the first session of the parliament, but the formation of the government would be the Iraqi list and privilege ».

And demands that the Iraqi List led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, the premises form the next government as a bloc winning legislative elections held on 7 of March (March) and winning 91 seats.

For his part, Mohammed Naji, a member of the National Coalition to hold that the parliament is now absolutely no room for delay, despite the fact that contacts between political parties indicate that all «did not reach final conclusions on the formation of the government especially with regard to positions of the three main which we expect to be part of one transaction can not be disaggregated ».

On the request of the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim to resolve those positions during the first session, "said Nagy's» World »« It is true that the open meeting will provide more time for the perpetuation of the dialogues, but it is not correct to make that an excuse to prolong the negotiations for a long time, it is possible that keep it to remain open for several days to get rid of the crisis on the rapid and practical ».

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