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"Positions of President, Prime Minister and Parliament Speaker to be agreed upon in one deal."

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"Positions of President, Prime Minister and Parliament Speaker to be agreed upon in one deal."

Post  Shilo on Thu Jun 10, 2010 8:03 am

Thursday, June 10th 2010 1:21 PM

Baghdad, June 10 (AKnews) - A leader in the Supreme Islamic Council said on Thursday that the positions of the president, prime minister and the Parliament Speaker would be passed in one deal, indicating that negotiations between his coalition and the State of Law is still continuing.

"The three main sovereign posts of the president, the prime ministers and the Parliament Speaker will vote on it in one deal, no one will cost any bloc in the first session of the Parliament to form the government,” Taha Diri'a, The leader in the Supreme Islamic Council said.

"The outgoing President of the Republic, Jalal Talabani duties will end soon because he has no longer the constitutional right to assign any bloc to form the government, the new President will cost the biggest bloc to form the government,” Diri'a said.

"The negotiations between the Iraqi National Alliance list and the State of Law coalition are still continuing and that the agreement on a candidate for the post of prime minister by next Monday is excluded,” Diri'a added.

The leader in the Supreme Islamic Council added: "there are several options that will be needed in case there was no agreement between both coalitions on a candidate for the prime minister's Post. The previous way included proposing alternative names to the political blocs to know how they would accept as, and the choice would be in accordance with this framework."

Well-informed sources revealed that the negotiations between the coalitions were deadlocked after the Wisemen Committee started discussing the mechanisms of selecting the next prime minister.

Negotiations have started between the Iraqi National Alliance (INA) and the State of Law coalition after they announced officially their alliance on May 4; then they formed the largest bloc, as they say, in order to entrust them to form the government, according to Article 76 of the Iraqi Constitution, which is considered by Al-Iraqiya List, headed by former Prime Minister, Iyad Allawi, as a constitutional violation and encroachment on the elections rights.

The State of law announced that its candidate for the prime minister's post was Nuri Al-Maliki only, and that made disagreement between both coalitions that’s after the insistence of the Iraqi National Alliance on refusing to give AL-Maliki a second presidency round, most notably is the Sadrist bloc, led by cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr, while the Iraqi National Alliance nominated informally the former Prime Ministe , Ibrahim AL-Ja'afari and the outgoing Vice-President Adel Abdul Mahdi to take over the next prime minister's post .

the Presidency Office had set up Monday as a date for the first meeting of the new Parliament composed of 325 seats, in which the Parliament speaker and his deputies would be chosen, while some political parties say that the meeting might be open to bypass the deadline to assign the largest bloc to form the government, despite the disagreement in naming the biggest bloc, in accordance to Article 76 of the Constitution.

The Election Commission in Iraq announced that the number of seats of the winning blocs remained the same after the manual recount in Baghdad that lasted 12 days, after the appeal submitted by the State of Law bloc, led by the outgoing Prime Nuri Al-Maliki, and it was accepted by the discriminatory board in the commission.

The Iraqi scene had witnessed a board debate among the winners in the elections over the constitutional article over the winning bloc right to form the government, as the Iraqi constitutional text states that according to Article 76 on the right of the largest parliament bloc to form the government.

Al-Iraqiya coalition (91 seats) insists that Article 76 refers to the winning list in the elections, while the State of Law coalition (89 seats) considers that the text means any bloc that might be established as a result of a merger or an alliance of any winning bloc after the elections.

Before announcing the results, State of Law (91 seats) and INA (70 seats) had intensified their contacts, as it was ended by declaring forming a parliamentary bloc weeks ago, that was interpreted by the leaders in both coalitions that they have the right to form the government, because they are the largest parliamentary bloc in the new Parliament.

This controversial interpretation has outraged the leaders of Al-Iraqiya, who considered it as a revolution against democracy and the electoral and constitutional right.

Violence in Iraq had escalated on the background of the delay in forming the Iraqi government and the political leaders warn from the delay in forming the government that will reflect negatively on the security situation.

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