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Close to Maliki, next week will resolve the issue of the National Alliance

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Close to Maliki, next week will resolve the issue of the National Alliance

Post  Shilo on Fri Jun 25, 2010 7:03 am

June 25, 2010 · Posted in Misc News

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

A member of the National Alliance on Thursday said that next week will witness a crucial meeting to nominate a candidate National Alliance for the post of prime minister and determine the continued alliance between the coalition rule of law, national or not, considering that the leader of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki will have an important role in the leadership of the future political .

The MP said the National Alliance Abbas al-Bayati said in an interview for “Alsumaria News,” that “the leadership of the National Alliance will hold a crucial meeting next week to choose a candidate coalition for the post of prime minister”, adding that “the results of the meeting will determine whether a coalition of law and the National Coalition will go in alliance or not. ”

He expected al-Bayati, a solution to the issue of choosing a candidate for the National Alliance for the post of prime minister, “because the coalition adheres to the right to submit the new prime minister,” saying at the same time that “the National Alliance had not reached the stage requiring the intervention of religious reference or the American side to choose its candidate for prime minister” .

The member of the coalition of state law that “the coalition remained committed to the candidate through Nuri al-Maliki as prime minister,” pointing out that the “coalition of the rule of law is waiting for a consistent national coalition candidate, his or our candidate formally, so we know any of the candidates will be shown, in open session of parliament. ”

And cross-Bayati said he believed “the leader of a coalition of law (Nuri al-Maliki) will have an important role in the political leadership of the next possession specifications qualified to lead the next government in the context of national partnership,” as he put it.

Although coalitions announced their alliance after the announcement of election results and confirmed officially named the coalition at the beginning of the month to stand in front of a list wins the Iraqi secular, which are described as existing Sunni due to vote most Sunni voters have, however, that the alliance of coalitions are still fragile due to the differences that beset him, especially With regard to the agreement on a candidate for prime minister.

Political observers say that the insistence of Maliki’s coalition to make it the sole candidate for the presidency of the government led to disagreement, which insist the forces of the National Coalition on Maliki rejected a candidate to lead the next government, and that there is a rejection of a regional Maliki took to the presidency again in light of expectations that Saudi Arabia and Iran and the other regional preparing to fill the power vacuum that Washington withdraw its combat troops from Iraq by the security agreement signed between the two countries. But analysts say that the role of religious authority in Najaf is the most likely to resolve the Iraqi government anticipated.

Although the agreement of all blocks to winning the next government will be a government of national partnership, but the real problem lies in the identification of the menu that you will get the post of prime minister.

Washington had called after the announcement of election results, the Iraqi parties to form a government that includes everyone and “respect the will of the voters of Iraq,” a statement interpreted by observers as in the interest of the Iraqi National List won the election.

The question being debated among the winners in the elections on the text of the constitutional entitlement Cluster winning the formation of the government, Iraqi constitution in accordance with Article 76 on the eligibility of the parliamentary majority of the formation of the government, while insisting coalition Iraqi (91 seats) that the text refers to the list of winning elections at the time of the rule of law is a coalition (89 seats) that the text means any farm that may arise as a result of a merger or alliance winning any of the blocks after the election.

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