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Iraq economic: the monetary value of the Iraqi dinar has increased in the last 2 months

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Iraq economic: the monetary value of the Iraqi dinar has increased in the last 2 months

Post  Shilo on Sun Jun 27, 2010 8:19 am

Iraqi economic: the monetary value of the Iraqi dinar has increased in the last two months

26/06/2010 21:26 26/06/2010 21:26

Baghdad, June 26 (Akaniwz) - The Iraqi economic, Saturday, that the reality of the Iraqi dinar in sleep after security has improved markedly over the last two months.

Susan said Abdul Ali told the Kurdistan News (Akaniwz) that "Iraq has growing economic and clear recently because of improved security and no security operations, which contributed to a boom in commercial activity and economic development in the country."

She explained that "the actual value of the Iraqi dinar has increased the value of 0.16 for the month of April last, which occurred armed operations, have caused the deterioration of the economic value of the Iraqi dinar."

"The storm did not cause the Iraqi Central Bank to cordon off the Iraqi dinar to the economic, investment due to the movement which has gripped Iraq, and the recovery of financial circulation between Iraq and a number of countries are: Austria, Germany and Morocco."

The CBI had announced on Saturday that the process of lifting the zeros from the Iraqi currency, require more time, being a very complex process because of the actions required by the routine, but do not bear the country in its current for such a process.

The CBI has four branches in the governorates of Basra and Sulaymaniyah, Irbil, Mosul, he founded a bank independent Iraqi under the law of the CBI of 6 March 2004, and is responsible for the maintenance of price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies, management of foreign reserves, issues and administers currency, as well as to regulate the banking sector. ... r/aknews/3

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