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Baghdad: No government in the horizon and open confrontation between Iran and America

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Baghdad: No government in the horizon and open confrontation between Iran and America

Post  Shilo on Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:34 pm

June 28, 2010 · Posted in NEWS

BAGHDAD – bright Abbas
«You agree that the Sunnis and Shiites and Kurds, this is not enough for your assumption of the presidency of the government in Iraq, you are achieving the demands of regional and international consensus should feel Iran and the United States that you are their candidate for the post» … Summarizes the requirements of the Governor of Baghdad, the next crisis, it is a personal must meet then Iraqi internal contradictions and conflicts of regional and international powers in the region.

No longer useful to talk about causing or instigators of this political reality by solving the problem of confusing the government lose the possibility of formation of Iraq on the horizon in a while.

It seems the only Iraqi entrance out of the maze of constitutional and political gathering of Iraqi politicians themselves, is the re-definition of the term «mutual concessions» against the pressure to lower the requirements of regional and international crises.

Going back to the term «mutual concessions» between domestic political forces does not mean in essence abandoning political office against another political office, which is certainly not for making concessions on the rights of ethnic or sectarian component for the benefit of another component. Rather the issue concerning the restoration of the Iraqi Accordance procedure on the concept of governance and participation.

The permanent division of the various parties to the presence in the heart of political decision and security, is justified to some extent in the light of the lack of trust conduct political of any future government to the components of the internal Iraqi, having failed the Iraqi constitution is written, hastily, to achieve through the mechanisms and procedures capable of preserving the rights of components, regardless of who ruled Baghdad.

As a reflection of the climate of mistrust that the parties believe the politicians who do not stop criticizing the experience of the Maliki government and Astitharh power and harnessed to serve the political project, they will realize what Maliki has achieved for the benefit of his movement’s political power to Iraq if caught.

And we can say in this regard for the lack of confidence of Iraqi political parties can continue to perform the political role played by today without the support of the Authority, and it seems that the uncertainty extends to reading the political elites to the trends of the Iraqi street, and assume that he supports the party of power, and that an inadequate and possibly be patient and point to a deep schizophrenia at the heart of the Iraqi political scene.

Internal consensus difficult

Agreement with the Iraqi political parties on the concept of «the Government of National Partnership», a term for diluted «Government quotas» one essence, become an arena negotiations to form a government arena for political bargaining Open.

The basic principle excreted «partnership» is a sense of the four parties that emerged from elections as having equal political weight with the other parties, regardless of the number of seats. Inequality in the parliamentary seats are filled by requiring the component representation of sectarian, ethnic, and other parties to the coalition attempts to stop him is the threat to withdraw from the entire political process.

Sources of strength or weakness of Iraqi political blocs are no longer linked to the outcome of the elections, and the Federal Court, which established itself in the position of the controversy when he endorsed the interpretation of the term «the parliamentary bloc of the most numerous» contributed to undermine the mobility of constitutional normality to form a government in a way success and failure, at the same time opened the door of hope for all Iraqi political parties can her nails, the government investment of conflicts or other blocks Tuaqatha.

Does not seem surprising that seeks cluster that ranked third in the elections to form a government attaches the same momentum cluster I or II. And lift the three blocs wielding general candidates each.

But the hopes of all Iraqi party in power no longer conclusive reason in a struggle for everyone to be part of the new government, but the consensus produced by the behavior of the Maliki government approved a new vision implies that the Prime Minister next weak and abstract from the powers of traditional interest of political leaders, allowing as government seems to share cake and resources in a more free and effective even for stage-Maliki branded widespread corruption in Iraqi ministries and the misuse of state resources and using them for the benefit of political parties.

Is easy to explore the difficult task of the owners of nominations for the position to overcome an obstacle of internal consensus A candidate is required to mass behind a bunch of concessions does not stop at the borders of the powers of the President of the government, but to go beyond the issues of political and sovereign will pay a big price to win the next government.

Agreement more difficult external

Difficult to anticipate the US-Iranian consensus on Iraq would not correspond to consensus on other issues other than Iraq, it also seems strange reluctance to Tehran to use its influence in Iraq as part of its open with the international community about the nuclear file.

The question that arises today, with the time limits that could be risked by the States concerned and influential in the case of forming a government.

The threat of Iraqi chaos seems to be an effective weapon, particularly U.S. plans, both those related to the military withdrawal from Iraq, or the confrontation with Iran. Pay the United States to intervene effectively to the urgency of forming a government, take risks, in turn, by instigating Iraqi political groups linked to Iran and used the American intervention to cause havoc.

Despite the fact that Iraqi politicians now insist that the formation of government is purely an internal affair, the map of Iraq divided into two major fronts, one influenced by Iran and hopes that Iran will use its influence to support, and the second are the convergence of wills Arab – Turk – U.S. hopes to turn down this agreement to seize power in Baghdad.

The picture indicates that the initial fronts divided groups at each turn on the names and future roles for parties regroup shall permit the transfer market between the trenches if necessary.

And unfair characterization of this fact to «political dependency abroad» parties are the Iraqi offer a description on the use of overseas domestic political game, though this description does not exonerate those parties from the charge of risk Balokdar through the Iraq-linked abroad in the long term, and the inability to develop self-will .

What is needed today in Iraq than any person intends to enter the field of competition to win the post of general president, the government «crippling» for the collection consensus is difficult to combine them, in that the Government risked angering one party to the conflict of internal and external face real difficulties in the performance of its work over the next four years.

Was for the Iraqis an opportunity to circumvent the external pressures and prevent a descent into a test of wills internal closed endings through adherence to specific interpretation of the constitutional text provides a mechanism to allow commissioned cluster winners and then the next, and down to the consensus within the parliamentary system, not outside, but this opportunity was squandered in favor of gambling appear the day after more than three months after the elections, it is of a personal nature and did not serve the party even adopted by the parties.

Despite the logical motives to explain the concept of «the largest bloc» as a product combines one or more capable of forming a government, the interpretation of the political concept differs from the interpretation of «constitutional provision» which could theoretically choose the course longer, but safer.

No one would claim in Iraq today that the interpretation of the Federal Court is not binding, has helped facilitate the task of government formation or reduced the time required, in return for leaving the movement to take a range of constitutional law in parliament and includes more than a mandated way to agree more broadly.

And resort to breaking the constitutional text, whether through interpretation double him at times, or manipulate it as to leave Parliament’s first meeting is open but reflects the lack of seriousness of the various parties to devote supremacy of the Constitution on the whims factional, sectarian and individual as evinced by the use of quotas and the entire package as a justification for their selection by the delay serious and also carry those quotas to blame for the negotiations to a dead end!.

As a product to break the constitutional text was slipping toward impossible conditions to form a government encumber an entire package extends from the three presidencies to the ministries down to the positions of Deputy Ministers and Directors-General.

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