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A Commitment to Form a Government Within Two Weeks

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A Commitment to Form a Government Within Two Weeks

Post  Shilo on Tue Jul 13, 2010 6:46 am

Political First : A Commitment to Form a Government Within Two Weeks and the Crucial Negotiations Starts Today
July 12, 2010

BAGHDAD – morning

Committed to the political blocs yesterday to form a government within two weeks by which time the set to hold the next meeting of the Council of Representatives, as witnessed two days have witnessed attempts to break the neck of the bottle, and fought a coalition of law rounds of negotiations with each of the Atilavi Iraq and national levels, in parallel carried out Iraq talks with the Alliance Kurdistan
All parties agreed to continue meetings in order to overcome the obstacles to the chronic form a government.
With eyes turned to a key meeting took place yesterday between the parties to the National Alliance is the first after a break that lasted more than a week, ended what could be describing him as to change the tone of discourse between the parties in a more amicable suggests that they attempt to break the ice differences, waiting for the break of a meeting today, the vicious circle swirling since a long time.
With experienced postponement of the scheduled meeting of the Council of Representatives yesterday for two weeks because of the lack of agreement between the political blocs around the three presidencies widespread criticism, the calls to reject the pending constitutional obligations and adapted to a political test of wills.
National Alliance
The leading figure in the mass Free within the National Coalition Prince Kanani, said members of the alliance have signed yesterday a meeting with a view to dissolving differences, as a prelude to crucial meetings will continue in the coming days. He Kanani tone of optimism for the (morning) that the brothers in law confirmed the need to reach a definitive solution to the problems relationship between the parties to the alliance, pointing out that there is a desire on both sides to leave the outcome of a crucial precursor to form a government within a period not exceeding two weeks.
Iraqi negotiation
Meanwhile, a coalition of Iraqi leader Izz al-Din State he attended a meeting Monday in which all the blocks of winning the election.
He said the State in connection with the morning over the phone said the groups committed themselves to transcend differences and form a government within two weeks.
He said the State that the negotiations all the clusters did not reflect the stalemate did not achieve results that can be built upon. To this end, a source close to Iraq that a meeting took place yesterday between delegations from the state of law and Iraq discussed the program of the government. The source said that the presentations made by each party to the other have been rejected.
And a coalition of Iraqi and the rule of law a new meeting within the framework of their talks, which started more than 10 days to form a government.
A statement by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Rafie al-Issawi said the chairman of the negotiating committee in the Iraqi Rafie al-Issawi, met yesterday at his office a delegation led by a coalition of law, Sheikh Khalid al-Attiyah discussed the several aspects. ”
The statement received (morning) a copy of it yesterday, he also discussed the outstanding issues for resolving the crisis in the government formation, and bring the views and put points on the letters out with good results reflect the will of the Iraqi people and to build partnerships based on respect for the Constitution and the legal limit for this to launch an inquiry session Parliament in the constitutional time. “Issawi stressed that:” the need to involve all the political blocs in the government of national partnership, without exclusion or marginalization. ”
The statement added: “This meeting was attended by a coalition of state law as well as Al-Attiyah, Haider al-Abadi, Sami al-Askari and Hassan Sinead, a number of other characters, while attended by a coalition of Iraqi all of Salman Jumaili, Abdul Karim al-Samarrai and Azzedine State and the beauty of watermelon and a number of politicians.”
For his part, leader of the Iraqi List, Mohamed Allawi, “The (Iraqi) are still waiting for a response to the message sent by a coalition of law on the sovereign right to form a government headed by Iyad Allawi, and by maturity of constitutional and electoral list.”
He explained that the (Iraqi) brought a letter to inform him of the rule of law which sovereign right to constitutional and electoral form a government and was waiting for the response to resolve the issue. ”
Allawi said that “each block of the right to consult in this matter,” stressing the need not to take a long time considering that issue as a foregone conclusion as he followed an election in 2006 when forming a coalition government led by the common, he said.
He continued: “Despite this, the (Iraqi) are going to form a government because they are based on the results announced by the Electoral Commission for elections which confirmed receiving the highest votes and thus there is no breach of law prevents the (Iraqi) to form a government.”
But the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council, Jalal al-Saghir, “saw that the situation between the coalition of the rule of law and the Iraqi List has become more strained than before.
He did not find any serious rapprochement between the coalition of law and the Iraqi List, regrettably, and we hope there will be more serious in the convergence of the two blocs to contribute to the formation of the government. ”
He said little that the situation between the two blocs was also and perhaps become more complex than the former do not think the ability of Americans to execute their program in this area, because they want the alliance of the two blocs. ”
He explained: “The alliance blocs (the rule of law and Iraqi) can not be done because of the closure on some of the names of the parties,” as he put it.
Meanwhile, a leader of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Mahmoud Othman: “The political blocs has become the largest of the Constitution and things go as they wish.”
He explained that the meeting would resume after two weeks, as it depends on timing of the agreement blocs. ”
Osman said: “The political blocs do not agree to become the largest of the Constitution and things are going according to what you want in Iraq, which now does not recognize the timing of any unconstitutional.”
The meeting of leaders of political blocs held yesterday under the chairmanship of Prime Age Fuad Masum was agreed to adjourn the hearing to be held today to two weeks and agreed to hold regular meetings.
He criticized the House of Representatives member from the Iraqi National Coalition Hamid vegetative postpone the hearing of Representatives.
He vegetation: This delay will increase the suffering of the Iraqi people who suffered so much and wait for what has suffered in order to form a new government and provide services and security and all you have to do. ”
A member of the National Coalition Qasim Dawood, the coalition is open to all forces, and he first called to the formation of a national partnership Athmc one. David assurances came in response to a question (morning) on whether the bloc will join the coalition government posed by the coalition and Iraqi rule of law.
David said that we will engage in any government is committed to a national program that respects the Constitution and promote the advancement of Iraq in different fields.
He expressed hope that the National Alliance to reach agreement on a candidate for parliament afterthought if it does not succeed, the National Alliance, the Alliance will push toward an agreement on a candidate acceptable to National.
He noted that the coalition has sought to build an alliance with the state law that takes it upon himself to form a government, but state law insisted on the attitudes objected to reach that goal, pointing out that the National is now trying to get out the results of the critical open horizon to speed up the formation of the government. Daoud said the National Alliance to continue its consultations with Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan, pointing out that the two sides stressed that the National Coalition is the closest to them.

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