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Iraqi Rule of Law: Will Not Agree on the Distribution of the Office of Prime Minister

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Iraqi Rule of Law: Will Not Agree on the Distribution of the Office of Prime Minister

Post  Shilo on Sat Jul 17, 2010 7:53 am

July 16, 2010

Mahmoud Othman: Iraqi rule of law and will not agree on the distribution of office as prime minister and the Republic of

State of the national site

According to a member coalition of Kurdish blocs Mahmoud Othman said the “state of law and the Iraqi will agree on the distribution of posts of prime minister and the Republic”, .. he said, adding that “Lucane have the intention of the agreement, the negotiations took place through the exchange of messages.”
In the opinion of Osman said: “coalitions are seeking from behind to stabilize the positions of media devoid of seriousness,”, .. Mady said, “but if it were already agreed between the rule of law and Iraqi forces over the posts of prime minister Republic, in particular, the coalition blocs Kurdistan will discuss the topic, but currently does not display us anything. ”
For its part, said Mason, a member of the Iraqi List Damluji the “coalition of the Kurdish bloc did not nominate any person so far for any position, but what really has the media about some politicians,” set out .. “The distribution of positions of the three presidencies of agreement between the political blocs”,. . anticipated by saying that he “may be to reach consensus on personal candidate for the presidency of the Republic”, .. asserting that “Iraq would not seek to marginalize the State Party.”
And was a member of the state of law Alfalh said on Thursday today on forming a government expected that “if the findings of the political forces solutions among themselves and were able to finalize the outstanding issues during the two weeks granted by the House of Representatives of the political blocs after the postponement of the appeal hearing first, we would not have to extension and violating the constitution again. ”
But Jamal melon member from the Iraqi List, said Thursday that “the prime minister for the Iraqi strategic goal and our conversations with the National Coalition, and the rule of law, the Kurdistan Alliance focused on this basis,” noting that “what was once again of the Federal Court on the interpretation of the constitutional text is the opinion already We have provided evidence that the constitutionality of sound and image. ”
Andextended the heads of political blocs in the meeting in 12 July of this meeting of the Council of Representatives to open two more weeks, which was scheduled to expire Tuesday, the past because of lack of agreement on the three presidencies.
He called the Iraqi National Coalition, on Tuesday, the last political blocs to hold a special meeting of the House of Representatives to stand up to discuss the ramifications postpone the hearing of the House of Representatives, and considered the delay exceeded and a violation of the Constitution.
The country has seen since the announcement of the Federal Court for ratification of the election results on 1 June last mobility politically, between blocks four winners in the elections to form a government, but these blocks have not succeeded until now in agreement on the formation of the government because of disagreements on legal block that will be charged to head the government future.
In the view of Iraq as the biggest bloc that must be charged with forming a government building to achieve the highest votes in the elections held on 7 March last, in the view of state law that the Federal Court’s interpretation of the constitutional article gave the right to block the biggest after the coalition form the government.

The Iraqi List, was sent in July 13 an official letter to the state of law, affirming the sovereign right to form a government, until the reply of the State law on yesterday, that he adheres to the Federal Court’s interpretation of article 76 of the Constitution.
The Federal Court has given the interpretation of the first of the term “the biggest bloc,” which will be charged to form a government, contained in article 76, which reported that the term means the largest bloc consisting of the alliance of a number of blocks after the election, has angered block Iraq, which won first place.
Then the Federal Court issued on July 11 a new interpretation of article 76 of the Iraqi Constitution states that “the right of the largest bloc formed within the parliament nominate a prime minister after being tasked by the President of the Republic.”

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