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Iraqi Pres, VP step up efforts to break political stalemate

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Iraqi Pres, VP step up efforts to break political stalemate

Post  Shilo on Thu Jul 22, 2010 9:04 am

Iraqi Pres, VP step up efforts to break political stalemate
July 21, 2010

— Iraqi President Jalal Talabani received here on Wednesday Vice President Adel AbduL-Mahdi for second time within 24 hours in a bid to speed up the formation of a new government.
The president’s meeting with AbduL-Mahdi – a powerful member of the Democratic Patriotic Alliance of Kurdistan (DPAK) – is as part of the efforts being made with other political leaders to break the post-vote stalemate, according to a presidential statement.
The meeting was also attended by Sayyed Ammar al-Hakim, leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, as well as other leading members of the council which emerged as the largest party at Iraq’s Council of Representatives from the 2003 Invasion of Iraq until the legislative elections of March 7, 2010.
It coincided with the meeting between Iyad Allawi, ex-prime minister and leader of the Iraqi List which won the largest number of parliamentary seats in the March vote, and outgoing Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki who leads the State of Law alliance – the second largest alliance.
Earlier this evening, leaders of the Iraqi List held talks with DPAK.
The ongoing talks by the country’s leading parliamentary blocs focus on how to form a national unity government involving all components of the political spectrum, the statement said.


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