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raqi Vice-rule decisions of the Security Council to undermine the political process in Iraq

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raqi Vice-rule decisions of the Security Council to undermine the political process in Iraq

Post  Shilo on Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:52 pm

raqi Vice-rule decisions of the Security Council to undermine the political process in IraqJuly 29, 2010 · Posted in NEWS

Baghdad, July 29 (Akaniwz) – Iraqi Deputy ruled out a coalition of law on Thursday, the UN Security Council issue at its meeting scheduled for next month’s decisions undermine the political process in Iraq.
He said Haider Jurani told Kurdistan News (Akaniwz) today that I was “I do not think that the meeting of the Security Council, as depicted by some Iraqi politicians to internationalize the Iraqi issue, because this was a setback for the U.S. project for democracy in Iraq, and a return to square one,” adding that “the United States sponsor of the democratization project in Iraq. ”
He added that “if there was a delay in the formation of the government for pragmatic reasons it is possible to be addressed through dialogues and negotiations, it is possible to express the UN Security Council advises the Iraqi politicians to resolve the crisis and accelerate the formation of government.”
He Jourani saying, “I do not expect to issue any decision on the meeting may be offensive to the will of the voters of Iraq,” expecting that “only the UN Security Council call to speed up the formation of the government shall not issue a decision undermines the democratic process in Iraq.”
The decision to hold a UN Security Council in fourth month of August next year a meeting to discuss Iraq’s status, which raised fears of Iraqi politicians that Iraq is still under pain of chapter VII.
The representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ed Melkert said during a meeting with Iraqi Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi on Wednesday evening that “Security Council members expect a positive report on Iraq, but the report will be a surprise to them.” He explained “stressing two things: First, to agree lists all on a single goal during the dialogues present in the selection of one candidate has a majority and unanimous support to begin to form a government, the other is: Adoption of the al-Maliki and the rest of the masses that the current government, caretaker government, as evidenced by a statement al-Dabbagh on Tuesday the first on the subject, “he that “this will be reflected in his report and confirms it”
Did not reach the political blocs of winning elections, even solutions to the formation of the government, while the dispute is about the eligibility of the entity authorized to form the government under more than one party holding such right in accordance with the election results and the interpretation of Article 76 of the Iraqi Constitution.
The country has seen since the announcement of the Federal Court for ratification of the election results on 1 June last mobility politically, between blocks four winners in the elections to form a government, but said the groups had not succeeded until now in agreement on the formation of the government because of disagreements on legal cluster, which will cost head the next government .
He insists the Iraqi coalition (91 seats) that the text refers to the list of winning the election, is a coalition of state law (89 seats) means that the text of a cluster may arise as a result of a merger or alliance winning any of the blocks after the election.
Raised the interpretation of the controversial, has outraged the leaders of Iraq, is viewed as a coup against democracy and the electoral and constitutional maturity.
Escalated violence in the capital Baghdad, in light of stalled the formation of the Iraqi government and political leaders warned that a delay will negatively impact on the security reality.
Especially with the readiness of U.S. forces to withdraw from Iraq under the security agreement signed between him and the United States, which provide for the withdrawal of American forces from Iraqi cities by the end of June 2009, and the retention of 50 000 troops by the end of August next before its withdrawal from Iraq completely by the end of 2011.

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