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Iraq- Out of Chapter 7 on August 4- ????

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Iraq- Out of Chapter 7 on August 4- ????

Post  Shilo on Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:54 pm

Iraq- Out of Chapter 7 on August 4- ????
July 28, 2010 · Posted in NEWS

Mlkrt: the time has come for Iraqis, the parties reached a comprehensive agreement 27.07.2010 Found in the distribution of political parties and presidential positions to form a government after more than four months after elections, and the absence of positive signs for a convergence of views and resolve differences. The spokeswoman for the coalition, Iraqi Mason Damluji that all eyes started going to international groups to involve them in playing the role of the compressor is pushing for the completion of that file after the stalemate, noting that a number of parliamentary blocs, including “Iraq” on the demand side, through an official letter, from Ed Mlkrt representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq to intervene to solve this crisis. Forward the message came at a time prepares Mlkrt to deliver a speech on the overall situation in Iraq in the Security Council, which will be considered out of Iraq under Chapter VII of the fourth month of August next, in an exclusive interview Radio Free Iraq confirmed Mlkrt that the time has come for us to reach the parties politicians to a comprehensive agreement, pointing out that there is plenty of time until he made speak at the UN Security Council. On the possibility of UN intervention to resolve the current crisis Mlkrt said that the United Nations can play a role if requested by the main parties, pointing out the willingness of the international organization to provide any support whatever they think the Iraqis. And find a political analyst Hassan Shaaban said the delay in forming a government will not miss the report Mlkrt, which requires him to urge politicians to speed up its formation, and pointed out that the meeting of the Security Council next will/B] come out of Iraq under the threat of international sanctions, the presence of international consensus on that, but according to regulations.

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