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US Administration invokes Mr. Sistani to resolve a deadlock over a government

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US Administration invokes Mr. Sistani to resolve a deadlock over a government

Post  Shilo on Thu Aug 05, 2010 8:50 am

US Administration invokes Mr. Sistani to resolve a deadlock over a government
August 5, 2010 · Posted in NEWS

BAGHDAD / citizen
I learned (home) of Massadrarabiyp Informed declined to be named to the sensitivity of the issue, said forming a government began rocking leaves, after the U.S. administration failed in its efforts to achieve the scenario that Biden’s campaign during his visit to Iraq last month
The source said that the Obama administration began to feel very embarrassed and feeling hopeless about the stifling political crisis through which Iraq is due to delay of the political blocs to form a government partnership and national and led to a breach of these blocks, which is holding its demands to the Constitution more than once during the previous period, which gave the impression of St. George and the international situation the dangers of failed democracy in Iraq and raised the possibility to return to a system of another totalitarian regime of Saddam defunct.
The sources said U.S. President Barack Obama sent a letter to the supreme religious authority Sayyed Sistani seeking holiness to intervene to resolve a deadlock over a government and to invite political rivals directly to end this disorder, especially that of Mr. Sistani, the respect and obedience to all the blocs participating in the political process has already been to the religious authority of Basmaanh intervention in the crisis of 2006 and Resolution, which was born Everyone believes that the reference Mr. Sistani is the only one capable of resolving the crisis if the Iraqis got a response in light of competition and international conflict and regional levels.
The call comes after Obama announced Monday the end of the combat mission of U.S. forces in Iraq at the end this month and complete the withdrawal of part of the U.S. forces there, bringing the number has been withdrawn from Iraq since he took office to 90 thousand U.S. troops. This came in a speech at the National Conference of veterans disabled in Atlanta, announced the shift The U.S. mission in Iraq from a combat mission to the purposes of training and counseling. Obama said in his speech, “explained that by August 31, 2010 will end combat mission to the U.S. in Iraq, and this is what we are doing exactly, according to the promises and according to schedule.”
Obama said he is committed to a “candidate for the presidency end the war in a responsible manner, “and that to do so on according to the Joule time of the decision, declaring that by the end of this month will be more than 90 000 U.S. military deaths in Iraq have returned from Iraq to the United States of America. emphasized Obama’s commitment to the United States and Iraq will not change He pointed out that violence is at its lowest level in spite of continued terrorist attacks.

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