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Iraq on the altar of a new government

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Iraq on the altar of a new government

Post  Shilo on Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:48 am

Iraq on the altar of a new government

August 07, 2010

At this very moment from the date of the devastation in Iraq, all negotiations between the winning lists in the recent elections had stopped completely, leaving nothing but phone calls based on compliments enemy brothers, leaving them also only to consider our patient and injury on the horizon of jellied chaotic days with a few future.
So far not resulted in all the negotiations that took place among all the winning lists for any little thing that would almost form a government. But that can be confirmed is that these negotiations clearly reflected the spirit of concealment and deception and maneuver, regarded by some of the leaders of today’s Iraq policy!!! However, behind all of these interactions disappear intentions and the demands of safety and try to review some of them leading to possible scenarios and to verify the candidate in the coming days, and in particular before the Security Council meeting tomorrow.
The results of the parliamentary elections to form a major crisis as a result of my rejection of coalition rule of law and the national coalition, and particularly to victory achieved by the Iraqiya List. In fact Alaitlavan not able to convince their followers so that all the arguments and reasons that they have adopted in opposition to the election results and stayed the real reasons are more obvious than others, such as:
1) the desire to uphold the absolute power and privileges at any price.
2) accuse the Iraqi National List as a component of Sunni Islam. ا(Playing the string of sectarian hated again).
3) the large Iranian pressure. Here we must be explicit reference to the leaks confirmed that Iran considers the Iraqi List and candidates a direct threat to Iranian national security!!
4) had serious reservations and hostile to the leading figures in the Iraqi List specific reasons, either personal or sectarian lines.
Nevertheless, the Iraqi List, the initiative to open the doors of the difficult and painstaking negotiations with all parties, especially with a coalition of state of law and the National Coalition, and many of them with the Kurdistan Alliance. It was the most prominent of intentions and ideas that must be placed in front of all Iraqis, Arabs and the countries of the region and the world are as follows:
1) Iraqi National Coalition: National Coalition has insisted on two key issues in all negotiations and activities to its success, namely:
* * Forming a front on behalf of the National Alliance, a coalition with «the rule of law» to form a parliamentary majority will pull the rug from under the Iraqi List, and thus forming the next government. It is clear that coalitions are scions of one sectarian component.
* Should not leave the post of prime minister of the National Alliance at all, but only if it is not Mr. Nuri al-Maliki is the next candidate for the alliance, but there are several other candidates and there are mechanisms and specific conditions for this nomination.
2) coalition of law: the coalition insisted that Mr. Maliki is the only candidate for the National Alliance, who was also willing to enter with the National Coalition. The rule of law insists here that the Prime Minister is the leader of the armed forces and is responsible exclusively for the security file is not subject to these conditions for discussion.
3) Iraqi List: stuck to Iraq to their constitutional right to form the new Iraqi government as is the list of winning elections, and lifted high the banner of national partnership that is forming the next government, mainly by representatives of each winning lists and on the basis of a national government based on the participants of national away from the sectarian quotas.
4) The Kurdistan Alliance has maintained the position of President of the Republic The leaders and representatives in more than one occasion to the right of the Iraqi National List in constitutional form the next government. Because of the lack of absolute clarity in the positions of the Kurdistan Coalition began Tertsm signs here and there to indicate the lack of congruence between the components of the alliance with regard to who will form the government at the end.
5) enter the Iranian side was still clear and down towards the infinite prime minister with his own allies in Iraq, but also – and, as with many of the relationship – he hoped that Mr. Maliki is not be a candidate.
6) in U.S.: After studying the various aspects of the crisis and compare all the possibilities at the level of the final results of their interests, the United States tried to hold the stick in the middle. It is like that tend to balance in favor of Iran’s allies nor is it wanted explicit recognition of the right of the Iraqi List; resorted to the idea of cooperation between Iraq and the state of existing law and open the way for a broad partnership with the Alliance of Kurdistan and also to the National Coalition. But the U.S. proposal was a signal by hidden to be handled by al-Maliki as prime minister, warning that the alternative to that solution might be a candidate of the National Alliance is close to Iran, but the Iraqi List, reservations are entered following the nomination of Mr. Maliki, in fact, shares with many Other lists:
- – Lack of confidence with Mr. Maliki; he did not commit many of the covenants and agreements and obligations, even with the closest people to him.
- . – A rejection of the policy which is based on action and reaction in return for a complete lack of a government program and strategy close to or far away.
- – The experience of the past four years proved his ability to lead the country, especially as the various crises have become more acute and dangerous files, security and services and financial corruption of the most obvious signs.
- – Non-Maliki to the admissibility of the national and regional parties, which would mean the continuation of Iraq’s isolation from its Arab and regional levels.
It can be seen here on these negotiations and corridors many of which were incompatible with the interests of the country with respect for the Constitution and the voter’s options Iraqi what must take due note of the date also:
1) The Iraqi List, the lists of the most cohesive and best-organized, centralized and a sense of responsibility towards their electorate and a commitment to their pledges.
2) but also has been and remains one of the most lists vulnerable to frustration and disappointment, and he surprised many of the negative attitudes and irresponsible actions by representatives of some other lists that have been and continue to marginalize the Iraqi candidates and give them a secondary role and lack of recognition by winning at all.
3) The Iraqi List, lists of the most vulnerable to attempts constructed and driving wedges between the ranks. Although it can be emphasized that these attempts have not yielded the desired results.
4) of the lists that was characterized by its position and also clearly political unity and organizational remarkably quite a list of the rule of law, which had still one candidate has not given him so far.
5) was observed clearly that some of the menus have resorted to negotiating with the Iraq situation is not of faith but to cooperate with it for two purposes were not to deserve the valuation. Namely; first pulse, and the second pressure on the other list for the purpose of forcing her to abandon some of its conditions or demands in negotiations with them.
6) most of the negotiations were not serious, but did not exceed protocol courtesies even non-genuine moves away completely heart of the matter, substance and form of government.
Today I have reached all the negotiations between the political blocs winner in the elections held on the seventh of March (March) this year 2010 to the doors almost closed, the possibilities are the following four are most likely to be achieved, we will review them all, characterization, and stopovers on the risks and benefits, if any:
Based coalitions are brothers in the «national» and «the rule of law» and the other’s convictions imposed on them from abroad for the idea to perhaps become a doctrinal theory to them; that the next prime minister, and even permanently, you must be a larger social component. According to this view should be as a Shiite – and according to what they assert – that the Shiite component is the largest in the country from any other component. To note the following:
First: that the social components in all theories of the meeting (and from the political, in particular) can not be sectarian, but are either national (Arab – Kurds – Turkmen and others) or that the class (workers, peasants – the bourgeoisie of all sizes). If it does not need to describe it would have a religious (Muslim – Christian – Sabii – Jew or others). Then your, the characterization of sectarian social components of the characterization of arbitrary forced unscientific and illogical. In practical terms has not been in the country so far no formal, comprehensive process of counting was based on the description of sectarian, but has always been founded on more substantive, such as religion in general or national decline. And even these criteria have become in this day remnants of the methods that left the civilized world Therefore, we are in the list of Iraq and as we list a civilized and humane, we will demand the adoption of the criterion of citizenship exclusively to describe substitute for all other criterion degrades the humanity of the citizens and contribute to the distinction between the sons of one people.
Second: The insistence on such kind of divisions arbitrary Iraqi society is a reflection of trends sectarian harmful left our championship after burned by fire from her evil and its destruction is precisely the exclusion of others, while asserting advocates of sectarian preachers of Bobraszhm ivory enjoying all the ways protections and welfare and bliss financial and administrative! !
Third: The theory of the social component of the larger concept presented above is explicitly preach the partitioning of Iraq. To remember two things here: The call for the federal center and the south, Basra and met only by the Iraqi people as a whole rejected. The second thing that the return of this call disguised in new clothes will not pass on our people and quickly discovered and rejected by inevitably.
IV: The return of the sectarian divisions in political life is preaching a return to social violence and possibly civil war condemned by the people and condemned the former Mcaliha do not think that going to do now is not what he did before.
Fifth: The theory of the social component of the largest involving a stark contrast to the national, human and spirit of Islam in toto; it would mean a direct marginalize and crush the other component, which will find itself compelled to respond to the will try to take advantage of the favorable opportunity to incite sectarian again, but perhaps this time will be more destructive and destructive than ever before as it affects innocent people directly, but will also be coolness and peace for the owners of the ivory tower.
Sixth: The idea is thick cover of the intentions of looting the Iraqi List a constitutional right, democratic and electoral government formation.
Seventh: the idea carefully in the imagination of non-objective, but very similar to the coup by force for the purpose of the imposition of a candidate from outside the winning list.
Eighth: We believe that agreement on one candidate from the social component that was intended to be the biggest things is very difficult and almost impossible in what we see today, contradictions and tensions between the parties that claims for itself the right to represent this component.
We were not here that the Iraqi constitution did not contain any indication of which bodes well for its Brothers in coalitions on the theory of the social component of the larger, because of our conviction that the Constitution and abide by and respect for materials and articles all of which are already currently in the nonsense of any content of serious, valuable, and is known to all that brothers in coalitions – and as we saw them again and again – they pushed us in the direction of this conviction bitter.
Also not been posted to the bitter experience of their rule in the lean years of the last four years, they are aware of this than others.
Some expect the intervention by the UN Security Council and look forward to the fourth day of August (August), with the current concern and caution. The assumption is based on the understanding that the International Council issued a resolution to impose an international solution to form the next Iraqi government, or at least suggests the need to walk in certain directions without the other to form a government.
Some of the parties accused the Iraqi List, the internationalization of the issue and put pressure on the various international parties to intervene to their advantage in forming a government “taking external relations enjoyed by some of the leading figures in the Iraqi List and the twilight of the political and moral of many neighboring countries and the Arab and Islamic countries and the world as the basis for this charge.
While we see the Iraqi List, the international intervention in Iraqi affairs, specifically regarding the formation of the government as follows:
1) abort all attempts to recover Iraqi sovereignty and the complete liberation of the country.
2) the return of Iraq and the entire political process to the so-called zone of Hezbollah and we will be the first in a re-occupation, but a political formula, this time rather than a military with a heavy security support them.
3) There is no process capabilities and mechanisms for the intervention of the UN Security Council directly do not think that there is a common desire of its members to intervene, if not, some of them did not see nothing wrong by the deteriorating situation in Iraq than to prove the validity of his positions, which was opposed to the invasion of Iraq by America in 2003.
4) believe that the report submitted by the Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Baghdad to the Security Council will include a description-general of the political situation in Iraq, as has been customary in previous reports with the recommendations of a broad non-significant effective may issue the Security Council in the light of some of the recommendations and advice to the government and the parties Iraq, including the need to expedite the formation of the new government and respect the results of the elections and abide by the constitution.
And possible solutions have also resorted to last-minute agreement!! In this there will be a clear disregard for all the strenuous efforts made in the negotiations and hit the wall of all the projects, plans and presentations. The solution to last-minute chance on the might of necessity rather than the facts and the fundamental needs of the country and the imperatives of history. It is strange that the men of the shell and heroes are often inclined to hunt for opportunities rather than to create, develop and turn it into a product is positive.
Solutions to the last moment, always compelling solutions and low-key and Issar where to impose a fait accompli. Therefore, the Iraqi List, would not participate in any of these solutions only if made in accordance with the results of elections and a constitutional right to form a government, or the victory of truth and the Constitution, which will also mean a major question about the feasibility of a waste of time in the past five months.
Remains a towering national solution charge which depends on the recognition of the right of constitutional and electoral list of Iraqi democracy and the resulting outcome and the need for peaceful transfer of power and the emergence of the Government of National Partnership with the National Programme ambitious and comprehensive, which lays the foundations for building a state of citizenship, institutions, and genuine national unity and launch economic projects, service and repair all devastated by years wars, siege and invasion, and direct the immediate release of innocent detainees, and a comprehensive restructuring to various government agencies, and the fight against terrorism and violence, militias, and financial and administrative corruption, judicial reform and the rehabilitation of educational institutions, educational, and Iraq’s relations to the whole world on the basis of world peace and mutual cooperation, economic and political integration and security.

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