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The end of the role of the Maliki government ... and the beginning of a change under the leadership of Iraq!

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The end of the role of the Maliki government ... and the beginning of a change under the leadership of Iraq!

Post  Shilo on Sun Aug 08, 2010 9:59 am

The end of the role of the Maliki government ... and the beginning of a change under the leadership of Iraq!


Majid Hameed

All unsuccessful attempts to gain time to develop the winning blocs with a fait accompli that by al-Maliki as prime minister for a second term led to increasing recognition that the majority of their cycle has ended and upon acceptance of the post to form a government according to the elections or the mass opposition to the rule of law.

For those that have the inevitable result of the foundations of many of the views and attitudes of many and varied directions and take the first close of the owners .. and then the longer the coalition that he wanted with the National Coalition according to the requirement to obtain the prime minister went unheeded for several reasons, including:

* Opposition to Sadr's movement and strength and to many things, including the large number of arrests and not complying with the promises made before and after his nomination.

Winning the premiership, thanks to the quota system with the Supreme Council and not on the basis of the election event.

Current position fix from one person in particular al-Maliki of the coup that took place between leaders of the Dawa Party.

In terms of the Kurdistan Alliance, everyone knows rigid positions and how to block the efforts made by Kurdish leaders to gain their rights, or what they see as the right of the Iraqi state in lost federal Mrs. Mubarak Article 140 and the oil and gas law.

And talk about the Iraqi List and the results were announced after winning the ninety-one seats and was considered the largest and the list according to the Iraqi Constitution vested in the government formation, but what was Maliki's position from this list before and after the elections, which can be summarized here as the following points:

direction of the media to discredit the existing charges as diverse as the Baath Party of terrorism, regional support.

the exclusion of many influential leaders in the Iraqi street, according to the law of justice and equality.

to obstruct the elections in ways that directly and indirectly.

case a recount of votes in Baghdad to the fact that Dr. Ayad Allawi and Mr. Tariq al-Hashemi and other leaders of the Iraqi National List won the votes of more than the total votes of the list of the rule of law, knowing that a lot of money might belong to the Iraqi people were used in the election campaign as well as the threats, assassinations and other desperate attempts which did not change anything from the results.

Acceptance of international regional and global list of Iraqi figures more than the rest of the lists, especially the Iraqis outside the country.

But it seems that the Prime Minister whose term ends in all his attempts wants to get his signature guarantees the evil of accountability for him and his ministers were corrupt in the files of many of Mrs. Mubarak's administrative and financial corruption ... We have proved the angry crowd of his recent demonstrations entitled ((electricity)).

Perhaps the public and private knew that 17 billion dollars were spent for the electricity does not light lamp does not move a fan ... but the fantasy figure of oil imports only increased by 330 billion dollars, no one knows where to go ... or the Development Fund, which tries to change his name and the United Nations object. .. and the secret prisons ... and tens of hundreds of missing persons ... and topics such as increasing the widows and orphans. living in the cost of living increase and the reports indicate that 21% of Iraqis live below the poverty line ... how he wants the rule of law to become a descent if given the mandate again .....

History and the Iraqi people does not have mercy do not forget ... ... and be absolved of any director will find after it closed all the doors of his candidacy once again ... Do you record one position to positively acknowledge defeat and to bless the Iraqi list ... Or keep the obduracy and intransigence.

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