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The formation of committees in the governorates of southern Iraq to the application of Article 140 of the Constitution

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The formation of committees in the governorates of southern Iraq to the application of Article 140 of the Constitution

Post  Shilo on Mon Aug 16, 2010 8:04 pm

Sorry no link - brought it over from Outcast

The formation of committees in the governorates of southern Iraq to the application of Article 140 of the Constitution
Bar News | 16-08-2010

Basra / Orr News

Announced the provinces in the far south of Iraq to set up committees to receive requests covered by article 140 of the Constitution of Kirkuk and other disputed areas and the application of paragraphs on the compensation of those affected by the previous regimes.

Different procedures being applied between the province and another, experiencing With Kirkuk dispute about the ownership of some nationalist areas to it, the application of the rule in the provinces of southern Iraq is limited to financial compensation and resettlement of displaced persons.

The Director of the Office of the implementation of Article 140 in Maysan province, Mohammad Javad "The Office distributed the forms covered by the compensation they both been transferred to another province or outside of Iraq since July 14, 1968 and 9 Nissan" April "2003." He added that "the process of compensation will include the re-separated from their jobs to work."

The deputy governor of Basra Nizar Jabri "The formation of a committee of Article 140 of the Constitution is in Basra province, the allocation of funding for those affected by the previous regime, led by the late President Saddam Hussein by the devastating wars fought with neighboring countries." He added that "the duties of local government in the province, found on the needs of citizens and compensation for each covered person." He pointed out that "the Commission will carry out an inventory of those who have been subjected to damage since 1969 until 2003." He added that "The duties of the committee which was formed in the province is to investigate and check and make sure of the process of inventory affected."

He said a media official in the Office of Article 140 in the Basra province Alkanaan hilarious "The Office has received requests for wishing to obtain financial compensation, and after verification will be sent to the Office of the Finance Committee in the governorate of Erbil for the disbursement of compensation." He predicted that "the office has received requests from citizens who were affected live in the marsh areas, FAO, Abu Fertile Shatt al-Arab, where he was the displacement of many families during the Iran-Iraq War" "1980 - 1988."

In the province of Dhi Qar, said the Chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights Mervat Jabbar "The committee was formed comprising members from the Directorate of the police, health and human rights and the Ministry of Finance and other departments." She added that "the House of Representatives approved the formation of such committees to compensate the affected operations of the former regime as processes of displacement and cut the ear and a tattoo the forehead, cutting off the hand." She explained that "there are medical reports will be issued for each case to determine the proportion of the damage and determine the amount of compensation."

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