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The government will be in September …

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The government will be in September … Empty The government will be in September …

Post  Shilo on Fri Aug 20, 2010 8:46 am

The government will be in September …

Thursday 08/19/2010

Baghdad ( News ) .. spokesman press office of the President of the Iraqi List , Most Merciful Shammari said the government will be in September next after the agreement the Iraqi List and the Sadrists on several points.

Al Shammari said (of the Agency by news ) on Thursday: that the Iraqi forces during the negotiations with Sadr’s movement has reached agreement includes several key points such as exit of occupation forces and provide services to citizens and strengthening the security forces and non-interference and regional as well as the important point that the refusal to renew the mandate of al-Maliki for prime ministers, said Shammari To form a government will be in September, noting that a series of talks between the blocs failed to capture the exception that insist on their positions and not Alaatarv on electoral and constitutional rights.

He expected to become Shammari Maliki’s bloc in the opposition after it adopted a hit-and-run and non-concurred with the Iraqi nor with the National Coalition .

He added that the Kurdistan Alliance is expected to be agreed upon in Baghdad to agree with allies in the formation of the government, pointing out that the Iraqi List, is studying the Kurdish demands has entered the Iraqi crisis resulting from the differences between the political blocs dark tunnel following can not be convened meeting of the Council of Representatives second as leaders decided And representatives of the political blocs postponed indefinitely pending agreements does not seem to close the three presidencies of the Republic and the government and parliament.

Is confined to the dispute between the political blocs on the consistence of the constitutional form of government, in time, which it sees as the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, it was the most entitled in the fact that it was the biggest winner , Insists National Alliance coalition, consisting of state of law and the Iraqi National to take over government formation.

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