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Shara: next week will witness a breakthrough for resolving the crisis

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Shara: next week will witness a breakthrough for resolving the crisis

Post  Shilo on Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:41 pm

Shara: next week will witness a breakthrough for resolving the crisis
Saturday, 08/21/2010 9:12

Electronic Journal of Basra – especially
Shara: next week will witness a breakthrough for resolving the crisis toward the formation of new government
A member of the House of Representatives of the Iraqi National Coalition, “Furat al-Shara” that next week will see some movement and a major breakthrough towards a solution larger, forming a new government in the country, explaining that he had no doubt that everyone seeks to achieve its own interests, and hope that the interests of the Iraqi people, the common denominator of these interests .
Shara said the U.S. withdrawal has already started and will end with the presence of security lapses, analyzes some of the politicians they come because of this withdrawal. Indicating, we believe the validity of this analysis, because of forming a government and without hesitation, this matter will invite all the leaders of political blocs showing a bit of give a certain amount of the Bishop of determinants of participation in the national government to be a government of national partnership and to give up some privacy in order to be the common denominator is mid-point of the roof demands of those blocks and this is what we hope.

He expected al-Shara “to see next week the process of resolving the crisis towards a solution the largest in forming a government where the withdrawal is undoubtedly our demands and aspiration of all Iraqis.
He continued: There are caveats must be geared to solutions as the training of Iraqi forces as agents of security and the army, police and intelligence and intelligence in order to have the machine and preparing the technical and logistical exercises to reduce terrorist attacks.
”We push for the withdrawal as soon as possible but on the condition that the alternative be equipped with a high degree to ensure the success of our security and stability.
He pointed out that the current situation in the country in terms of security, uncertainty and fear happening for some people, especially with forming a government, accompanied by necessary security and service which is expected to politicians This withdrawal will be justification for the return of some Alamoralmip to undesirable consequences, but we Nevertheless, we believe with a sincere politicians and leaders and reformers will be the possibility Diaf The withdrawal is the day on a positive and not negative on the Iraqis

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