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Iraqi List Leader: Maliki 72 Hours to form Govt.

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Iraqi List Leader: Maliki 72 Hours to form Govt.

Post  Shilo on Wed Aug 25, 2010 7:02 pm

Iraqi List Leader: Maliki 72 Hours to form Govt.
Anbar 25 August (Akaniwz) –

The leader in the Iraqi List, Wednesday, that his slate slowness Maliki 72 hours to form a government, otherwise the list will take legal action against him.

Salam al-Zobaie told Kurdistan News (Akaniwz) “after the precursors and long political battles big fought by political blocs and unjustified delays in forming a government, we give the al-Maliki for 72 hours to form a government, otherwise we will take legal and judicial procedures deterrent against him is to file a lawsuit against all those who contributed delay in forming the Iraqi government. ”
He explained, “We will take the necessary legal proceedings against spies working for foreign agendas seriously seeking to undermine the situation in Iraq and delay the formation of the government and will demand a parliamentary debate during the period assessed.”
And Washington fears the impact of the Iraqi government’s delay in forming a negative impact on its plan for withdrawal from Iraq, which expires at the end of 2011, completed at the time of the last steps to withdraw its combat forces from Iraq and kept less than 50 thousand soldiers of the functions of training and counseling.
Escalated violence in the capital Baghdad and other provinces during the past four months, under the stalled negotiations aimed at forming the Iraqi government and warned political leaders that a delay will negatively impact on the security reality, but the government denied the claim and confirmed that the security file is run independently of the political file.
According to the Iraqi authorities, the number of civilians killed by violence rose in July to 396 from 204 in June, while the killing of 89 Iraqi army officer and 50 soldiers, but U.S. military commanders referred to the killing of 161 civilians only in that month.

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