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More on Iraqi Currency

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More on Iraqi Currency

Post  Shilo on Tue Sep 07, 2010 9:30 am

Kurds say that the central bank told them that the Iraqi currency will change to add language to hit friendly
2009-08-17 8:10:36 AM 2009-08-17 8:10:36 AM

Massoud Barzani's party said that the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq told them that the Iraqi currency will change to be added to the Kurdish language

Kurdish media and disseminate the news today said that according to the constitution, Iraq's two official languages: Arabic, Kurdish

The media said Walker de

Central Bank of Iraq announced its decision not to delete the zeros the Iraqi currency, and instead will change the shape of the Iraqi dinar currency to the new format and the use of languages Walker friendly and Arab money.

A statement issued by the Central Bank had been discussed deleting zeros from Iraqi dinar by the Bank in Iraq, but in the latter was reached to change the resolution and the presence of zeros Iraqi dinar.

In another section of the statement pointed out that instead of deleting the zeroes Iraqi money, the money would be issued to work in another form.

The statement also "will be used in both languages Walker friendly and Arabic in the new edition of the Iraqi money

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