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Talabani: Interview..ch7..election

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Talabani: Interview..ch7..election  Empty Talabani: Interview..ch7..election

Post  Shilo on Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:30 am

Talabani: Americans are determined to pull out of Iraq .. And the formation of the government close to a candidate from the National Coalition

Iraqi President: We emphasize our commitment to Kuwait to international resolutions .. And get out of the seventh item on the end of the year


Mena Ureybi «Middle East» - focused Iraqi participation in the meetings of the General Assembly 65 of the United Nations this year on efforts to rid Iraq of Security Council resolutions under Chapter VII, which date back to former Iraqi regime of President Saddam Hussein.
Iraq seeks to end this file, which has political implications and economic burdens on the country by the end of this year, when the meeting will be held for review of decisions against Iraq. And to make Iraqi President Jalal Talabani's efforts in this area during his visit to New York this year, where he met with Kuwaiti Prime Minister Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, and assured him of Iraq's commitment to international resolutions and the international border between the two countries. Talabani said in an interview with «Middle East» Iraq expects to emerge from Chapter VII of this year, at the time preoccupied with the details of a new government.
Met «Middle East» Btalbani at his residence in New York to discuss the situation inside Iraq and foreign relations, was the following dialogue:

* To begin your participation in the General Assembly this year .. What is the message of Iraq to the world?

- Of course we took this year to demonstrate the position of Iraq and the developments that have taken place, and the statement of our position to resolve the crisis in the Middle East. Among the issues that we have emphasized them out of Iraq from Chapter VII resolution of issues in the Middle East in accordance with the proposal submitted by the Arab project to solve the issue with Iran in a peaceful and negotiated. As well as we have emphasized the Arab solidarity and resolve issues in a friendly Middle Eastern. Besides a brief Pena to Iraq's progress and achievements in the fields of cultural, political, economic and living conditions and security, so I think that our position was clear in all the key issues under consideration.

* To discuss these issues .. Let's talk about action to remove Iraq from Chapter VII resolutions of the United Nations, what are the obstacles now to get Iraq out of these decisions, it sensed the cooperation of the United Nations in this area?

- Yes, we have seen cooperation, and the other point, there were some comments from the brothers and the Kuwaitis, discussed with them this time, I stressed to Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al (Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah), Prime Minister of Kuwait, that Iraq was committed to international resolutions, including the border issue. We are ready to confirm their commitment to Iraq's permanent resolution of the issues that existed between the (Iraqi) regime and the former Kuwait. They have also expressed willingness to support in this matter. She spoke with the Secretary-General (United Nations, Ban Ki-moon), also promised better.

* At year end there is a review of this topic ..

- Hope to see the end of the year out of Iraq of this chapter.

* The support of Kuwait?

- Kuwait will not oppose this, we just want a confirmation on the border issue, and we are ready.

* Ready to commit to the agreement of Safwan?

- All international resolutions, Iraq approved, and we stress our agreement with them.

Q: So let's talk about relations with the Arab countries in a wider .. You've already seen an improvement in relations with Arab countries?

- Yes, I personally notice a significant improvement, I had the privilege of visiting Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, all of whom were willing to cooperate with Iraq and assistance. And the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and promised me after the formation of the government, saying «I will make an effort to improve your relations with other Arab states, and I'll bring the Arabs to support you», he said, adding «We stand at the same distance from all parties and groups in Iraq», he said, «We want progress in Iraq, stability and independence». It was already his attitude and generous supporter of the Iraq and the cooperation between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, a neighbor and major us in the region. Brother, Dr. Bashar (Assad, the Syrian president) has the same position, has recently stressed that the process of close cooperation with Iraq, we are making efforts now to improve relations and re-oil pipeline, and the development of trade and political relations with sisterly Syria.

* But there are Iraqis ask why there is an Arab intervention in the issue of forming the Iraqi government ..

- Not really see any strong intervention, as they say. Arab states if it was asked to pronounce itself. I asked the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, said «We stand at the same distance from all the candidates in Iraq, this is something belongs to you, and formed the government and we be in your help».

* Iraq is preparing to host the Arab summit next year, do you think that Baghdad is ready to receive the Arab leaders?

- Yes, we equip Baghdad, and build and reconstruct and create, and Baghdad will be ready for the next Arab summit.

* Do you expect the participation of all the Arab leaders?

- I think now they are to the rapporteurs that Iraq is hosting the summit, and they will come to Iraq, especially after the formation of the government and the security situation improves.

* You met Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York, told us about the meeting and the latest developments in relations between the two countries ..

- Iraq's relations with Iran are very good, and there are large trade between the two countries, and there is support from Iran to Iraq and the election and selection of the President and the Prime Minister, and there is concern from the Iranian side to establish business relations and economic, cultural and religious good with Iraq. There is no problem between us, but sometimes there are simple issues such as shared river, all issues are solvable and research.

* But there are always fears of Iran's support of certain armed groups in Iraq, or lack of support for stability in Iraq ..

- The fact that Iran supports stability in Iraq .. Iran wants the Iraqi government to succeed, and Iran, especially after the start of a U.S. withdrawal and the withdrawal of 100 thousand troops from Iraq, no longer have those fears that were caused by the large number of American forces in Iraq.

* The withdrawal of 100 thousand U.S. troops from Iraq is part of a new relationship with the administration of President Barack Obama, how would you describe this relationship?

- Our relationship is good and normal, and improve, and we in fact we have a convention «Suva» (status of U.S. forces in Iraq), welcomed the withdrawal, and we believe that our armed forces capable of maintaining security and internal stability and security in Iraq even after the withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq. And develop our relations at the political, cultural, process and technology to the end.

* How personal is your relationship with President Obama, after that you have historical ties with former President George Bush ..

- A natural relationship with Obama, but President Bush's rule of 8 years, and during the 8 years formed relationships .. This man has years old For as much as this year, our natural and good, and we hope to evolve for the better.

* Vice President Joe Biden delivered the Iraq ..

- Joe Biden's relationship with the best of the best, an old friend for us and I know it from ancient times, a man who understand the situation in Iraq and I love and respect him a lot.

* Are you satisfied with the U.S. strategy in Iraq now?

- Yes, this strategy we are satisfied with it, and Iraq fit in the long run because they are ready to cooperate with us in the political, cultural, scientific, economic and training Iraqi forces and training the Iraqi army.

* Are not you afraid that the American preoccupation with Afghanistan and the issues of peace in the Middle East may distract them from Iraq?

- No, I think that the United States understand the importance of Iraq's political and strategic, geographic, and understanding of Iraq's role in the spread of democracy and coexistence between ethnic groups in the Middle East, so I think that the U.S. would leave Iraq, and will remain interested in establishing good relations with Iraq.

* Is it possible for Iraq to play any mediation role between the United States and Iran?

- We have made efforts in the past for the establishment of U.S. relations - Iran directly, in relation to the issues of Iraq and non-Iraqi. The time of times Tovguena the decision of the meeting between senior officials (both sides) in Iraq, but failed at the last moment, but have been meetings between ambassadors in Baghdad. And always we do our effort because we are friends of the parties, and we have alliance-type relations between the two countries, and our interest to have U.S. relations - Iran's good, so we always make an effort in order to become a meeting, understanding and dialogue between the United States and Iran. In my speech at the Security Council I have to that dialogue is the safest way to solve problems.

Q: But do not expect a certain progress in this area at the moment ..

- Let's be realistic and optimistic at the same time find it good.

* Let's talk about the internal situation in Iraq, 7 months have passed since the last election and so far there is no agreement on forming a government ..

- I think the government will be formed soon, God willing, I expect to be agreement in the Shiite alliance to one person and that person begins to form the cabinet in the post. I am my personal conviction that the topic too far, not 7 months, when elected MP, must be approved by the Constitutional Court, and then go to Parliament and to swear by the Constitution to become a deputy, and in this sense we have 3 months and not 7 months. Delays during the 3 months came to a disagreement over who the Prime Minister, and, God willing, there is an agreement soon on a person.

* Expect that a candidate of the National Coalition Government and not Dr. Iyad Allawi?

- Yes, by the government, I think that the candidate will be part of the National Alliance, but brother, Dr. Iyad should play a major role through its struggle and worthy of his place and the large mass in the parliament.

* Are not you afraid of the Iraqi people question the credibility of the elections if the result of the formation of the government does not reflect the results of the elections?

- The government should reflect the outcome of the election, because the result of the elections is that the government is made up of a parliamentary bloc and undermine the confidence of Parliament, and when the government may not be constitutional, it does not undermine the confidence of Parliament, it is this aspect I am not afraid that there will be hesitation on the part of the Iraqi people from his government, which will gain the confidence of Parliament.

Q: Do you expect a new mandate for you as president?

- In fact all the parliamentary blocs, has announced that it supports the second term of Jalal Talabani, and the proposal came from the President of the Region Mr. Masoud Barzani, as well as from the Kurdistan Alliance, and we heard in favor of Dr. Ayad Allawi and the National Coalition has already reiterated his support, and Islamic Party, reiterated his support, I have not heard from the opposition to take over the mandate of the Sec. May be in the hearts of some Muslim Brotherhood members, but everything else is the support they have shown me.

* What you would like to achieve on a new mandate at the head of Iraq?

- I think the league is the role of family reunification, mediation, coordination and cooperation between different forces. I believe in the theory of Pompon, Pompon in politics imply that consistent parliamentary blocs and parties to the program for the Iraqi people and will be applied. And I play my role in the convergence and unification of reunion between the forces. Of the proudest things in my life I was in a relationship with all the Muslim Brotherhood who were in government or opposition, I'm a good relationship with our brothers in the Iraqi List, and «the rule of law» and the Islamic Party and the National Coalition, and of course with the Kurdistan Alliance. I behave this role, even those who were in the opposition or the government I have a good relationship with them.

* What is the biggest challenge for Iraq today?

- If the achievement of the National Alliance real and form a government of national unity, truth and national partnership in Iraq, so that everyone is part of, and marginalization of major powers such as the Iraqi List, I think that this achievement will lead to the creation of an atmosphere of enormous potential in the new government so as not to fear, not processes terrorist and sabotage operations, but the mission is essential that that the development plan for the prosperity of the country and the development of Iraq and Iraq's return to his domain in Arab and Muslim world strongly.

* The greatest challenge now is to form a government and to keep the post everyone! - I say the following, the importance of national unity in the first and, secondly, in forming a government of national partnership, the marginalization of one of the forces. Suppose that the Prime Minister came from the National Alliance, it may not neglect or marginalization of the Iraqi List, led by Dr. Iyad Allawi. This is a list task .. Otherwise, Iyad and fought a lot of elements in the opposition against the dictatorship, Vhsdoa also great voices of the Iraqi people should not be marginalized. Presumably did not become one of them as prime minister, must occupy their rightful place in the various ministries.

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