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The government denies any change on the local currency

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The government denies any change on the local currency

Post  Shilo on Sun May 30, 2010 10:03 pm

30/05/2010 11:06 30/05/2010 11:06

Baghdad, May 30 (Akaniwz) - Iraqi government denied the outgoing Sunday rumors, which was launched on Saturday through a number of media for determination cancellation of three zeros from the currency, domestic financial during the coming period in order to reduce inflation, while the expert described the Iraqi economic economic situation in the country (non-balanced) because it has caused a big gap between the Iraqis.
". Counsel stated in the Iraqi government told Ahmed reputation beyond Kurdistan News (Akaniwz) "Raising the zeros of the Iraqi currency can not be local at the present time due to instability of the Iraqi market and influenced by political and security variables that occur in the country."

" . "It was a government plan to lift earlier in three zeros from the local currency is that it's after the holidays, we found that this will disrupt the economic situation in Iraq." " . He noted that "such measures need to stable political situation and this matter is not available at the present time because of continuing disagreements between the political blocs of winning the election on the formation of next government."

" He explained, "We are rational justifications for deferral to change the Iraqi currency at this time was most important that this issue will contribute to the dimensions of the investment companies from investing in the country"

" . He stressed on the reputation beyond Dharrop that "the government does change their role in the local currency and coins, in addition to saying" lies on the next government and head of an important role in addressing the financial Altdkk seen by the Iraqi financial market by making some changes on the local currency. "
The rumors have recently confirmed that the Iraqi government plans to raise three zeroes from the local currency and the addition of the Kurdish language by the aim of reducing inflation suffered by the Iraqi market

. The local currency changed to mirror several, most recently in 2004 when the former Governing Council opted instead for Alamlpalsabakp which was a symbol of the former regime.

. For his part, Iraqi economic expert described the economic situation in the country (non-balanced) because it has caused a big gap between the Iraqis, especially in the mechanism of the distribution of salaries and privileges of appointment of government.

" Ali Ke Ji (l Akaniwz) announced today that "the economic situation in Iraq is very bad as experiencing many tensions which will make it flutter lasting impact, creating a big gap in society and the middle class from Gate"

" "The strange economic reality that the Iraqi people with low incomes are suffering from many economic problems, notably the failure to regulate their monthly income as would other countries"

" And that "the most complex problem facing the next Iraqi government is to review in earnest in the mechanism followed the distribution of salaries of staff and it seems that the task is not easy being established for the past years"

" He Ke Ji, "The distribution system is not fair at all salaries in the country, subject to the privileges measured between staff and creates a significant economic differences"

The economy of Iraq's many tensions due to political influences and the country's security

ěž. The Supreme Committee for the alleviation of poverty, has revealed in a report last week, there are more than six million Iraqis living below the poverty line based on survey data of social and economic status of the family, the estimated cost of basic food requirements per person to 34 250 dinars (about 29 dollars) a month .

. And formed the Supreme Committee for Poverty Reduction Strategy in the light of joint cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Planning and the World Bank in 2007, with support from the Prime Minister's outgoing Nuri al-Maliki and included a number of members of the House of Representatives and representatives of ministries, universities and the Kurdistan Regional Government, to provide a database and statistical indicators on social and economic status to the Iraqis.

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