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Economist: Government failed to strengthen Iraqi dinar

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Economist: Government failed to strengthen Iraqi dinar

Post  Shilo on Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:49 am

Economist: Government failed to strengthen Iraqi dinar

13/07/2010 22:33

Baghdad, 13 July) aknews)--an economist, said Tuesday that the outgoing Government failed to bring the level of financial currency exchange difficult despite the rise of oil prices on the world market.

Tahir said Yassin Kurdistan News (aknews) "Iraqi finance currency crisis still the great difference between them and hard currency, because of the absence of financial planning for government institutions in the country."

"Should the Government institutions to take seriously the activate general frameworks that will develop the role of Iraqi currency, especially under Iraqi market opening for all regional markets."

"The main problem in Iraqi currency remains untouched, despite rising oil alsudarat is attributable to the absence of economic awareness in the country, in addition to arbitrary decisions taken by the Iraqi Government.

Yassin said it "is not easy to predict the economic prosperity of Iraq and the rise of Iraqi dinar currency along with outstanding financial problems".

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