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Iraq: No hope for the best of Tuesday's session of Parliament

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Iraq: No hope for the best of Tuesday's session of Parliament

Post  Shilo on Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:33 pm

Iraq: No hope for the best of Tuesday's session of Parliament

Neighborhood: Iraq played down the political importance of the agreement of representatives of heads of political blocs during their meeting on Sunday to hold a session of parliament next Tuesday.

Ahmed al-Alwani, a member of the House of Representatives from a coalition of Iraq in a statement on the matter, "The lack of agreement to pass the deal three presidencies does not mean anything to agreement of representatives of heads of political blocs to hold a session of parliament next Tuesday because you can not pass a deal at the expense of the other." He added that Tuesday's session will be a regular session forerunner parliamentary hearings in the absence of resolving the problems of the political scene of Iraq because of the lack of consensus and agreement, noting that the political blocs over the Constitution and made him a respected and non-compliance with the rules of democracy "We do not hope for the best of Tuesday's session next year." For its part, blamed former Rep. Gawwadi unto the heads of political blocs responsibility of forming a government and the constitutional violation. They attributed the reasons for the failure of the political blocs have a deal to resolve a deadlock over a government that each party believes the solution telescopic self-interest and not the public interest lens. She drew unto Overture to the next stage you need to intensive efforts and vigorous start to make some concessions in order to achieve the election of the President of the Chamber of Deputies and thus the election of the president to come mandated candidate biggest bloc to form the government, warning of the prospect of a messy compromise constitutional greater and therefore there will be a major collapse of the process policy in Iraq. In turn, leader of the Iraqi List Jamal watermelon current political situation in the country as hazy and unclear vision. He said, "did not appear that there is a solution in sight for good." With regard to the fear of the internationalization of the issue of forming the government through the United Nations. "The internationalization of the issue or discuss the formation of the Iraqi government is linked to the United States do not think it could allow the council to form a government because of its position from entering Iraq democracy project that you want to be implemented in Iraq." On the invitation of Moqtada al-Sadr, leader of the Sadrist movement to not vote for Nuri Kamal al-Maliki for a second term A member of the National Alliance for cluster Liberal bright Naji that this call came from a position of non enshrine the notion of the emergence of dictatorships new emphasis on the need for peaceful transfer of power and that there is one party and one person able to to run the country. Said Naji in a press statement on Sunday: "Unfortunately, all the minds of the political blocs want to combine elements of power and money at the same time as it considers the survival of their parties in the future", noting that most of the political blocs do not think the suffering of people as far as thinking how to keep their posts, sovereignty of the elections in 2014. He considered a member of the House of Representatives for the former Iraqi Accordance Front, Omar Alhegel there is a possibility to reach an agreement between the coalition and Iraqi rule of law to pull the country out of its current crisis. He Alhegel in press statements on Sunday, "There are external pressures represented by neighboring countries in addition to the UN and seeking to intervene to speed up the formation of the government by bringing my state of law and Iraq, especially after the last contact received by the parties, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden." He pointed out that there are scenarios in trying to push the President Iyad Allawi, the Iraqi List, Nuri al-Maliki coalition rule of law from the post of prime minister, through the provision of the compromise candidate will hold a scene more than a treatment and therefore form a government will emerge from the corner to enter another impasse.

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