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the National Coalition hopes to resolve the presidency of the government in accordance withdrawal of a candidate

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the National Coalition hopes to resolve the presidency of the government in accordance withdrawal of a candidate

Post  Shilo on Wed Sep 22, 2010 5:55 pm

BAGHDAD ( Iba ) .. A member of the Iraqi National Coalition for the Virtue Party on behalf of Sharif, said the National Alliance put out from 5-6 days to reach a consensus on a candidate for the presidency of the new government.

Sources in the National Alliance had been agreed during the plenary meeting held on Tuesday to choose the candidate for prime minister by consensus and highlighted through the five-day , pointing out that in the absence of consensus on a particular candidate within the period specified will refer to the need for a candidate on 65 per cent of Votes.

The Sheriff told the independent press (Iba ) that the process needs to talk and reach a way that is deciding the issue of choosing a candidate for the National Alliance , hoping to obtain a consensus between the parties to the coalition candidate lookout .

He explained that the agreement contains a waiver of one of the parties from contesting the other party , to end things this way in order to give priority to public interest and begin to form a government , noting that failure to give up one of the parties means that the search for mechanisms to choose a candidate.

He stressed that the waiver of the right of nomination is for the sake of national interest, adding that the atmosphere is not on the degree of optimism , but there is hope that happen.

Competing for the nomination for the post of prime minister within the national consensus, the current Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki's coalition rule of law, and the Vice- President of the Republic leadership in the Islamic Supreme Council , Adel Abdul Mahdi of the Iraqi National Coalition .

He said Sharif 's position on the virtue of the candidates is confirmed by the Secretary General of the Party that virtue is a part of the National Coalition and respect its resolutions and abide by, and is therefore part of the National Alliance, also , indicating that the result that the virtue is forming a government of national partnership .

On the proposal of reference Yacoubi appoints the Prime Minister by the people directly, he said Sharif, said the sense of reference responsibility for its role in achieving the elections were put forward this proposal to get out of forming a government , adding that deputies are representatives of the people and if they fail to meet their duties , it is better to go back to the original A people .

He said Sharif Analakz Yacoubi proposal will ensure formation of a government away from sectarian quotas and make the prime minister closer to the people , because they elected him.

However, it signifies the House of Representatives as needed constitutional amendments as mentioned in the Constitution now that the House of Representatives is one of the Prime Minister determines .

The religious authority , Sheikh Yacoubi had demanded a national referendum to choose the next prime minister after the failure of the political blocs to reach a solution to this issue.

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