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On the road to freedom from the restrictions of Chapter VII

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On the road to freedom from the restrictions of Chapter VII

Post  Shilo on Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:21 am

On the road to freedom from the restrictions of Chapter VII
Wednesday 12/29/2010

.The protection of government funds abroad, the risk of booking the judicial need to pause and carefully
..Indebtedness unrelated to the invasion of Kuwait, and internationalization, which is hampered by Iraq to deal with it

د . D. .Ahmed Ali Ibrihi
. . UN Security Council adopted in December 15, 2010 three resolutions on Iraq, addressed the limitations of internationalization adopted by the Security Council beginning with "6 August 1990 under Chapter VII. The first number in 1956 set" to end the introduction of the Iraqi fund for the development of DFI in the June 30, 2011. .. The Security Council has to inform the Secretary General of the United Nations for the account or accounts alternative that will be open to receive the oil resources, and converting 5% of the Compensation Committee of the hostilities, and that the Secretary-General periodic reports on the irregular transfer of awards. .. And the resolution that the amount of oil that may be delivered to investors in the service contracts for the payment of expenses and the fare should be made to pay 5% of its value to the Committee on Military Compensation. .. And removed this text is concerned about the possibility of conflict between the obligations of service contracts and compensation of war. .But the decision was kept a link compensation oil supplier, and fixed rate, making exports of oil, and receipt of resources, under the control of the other hand, even if it is for the specific purpose of payment of compensation
ا .A fund for the Iraqi Development
.. Either on the protection of government funds abroad, the risk of judicial custody These need to pause and carefully. ان .. The money for the government of Iraq's oil resources are managed outside the Federal Reserve Bank of New York by the CBI. ." . Where you receive money from oil sales there account for the receipt of oil resources, shall be 95% of them in the Government's account automatically ", and 5% of the damages of war. Which is called the Iraqi Fund for Development, which was created to resolution 1483 under Chapter VII in 2003. The resolution imposed to protect funds Fund was renewed annually. " .. Continues, this time, to 06.30.2011, the date the end of the system. ... Did not open accounts for the Fund in another financial institution, AVI to the United States or abroad. .. Which is practically protected by executive order of U.S. President, which coincided with the establishment of the Fund and is being renewed annually. "Has taken extraordinary measures in fear" of the detention of government funds in Alkha shake with the failure of government banks, other than TBI TBI, all transfers and the opening credits. .. But this does not mean that the protection that were prescribed by the UN resolutions under Chapter VII were not helpful, but helped protect shipments of oil and to spread a political atmosphere does not encourage promotion requests creditors. .It was not supposed to force Iraq to a tradeoff between the guardianship under Chapter VII and was his money abroad at risk, but to impose the protection of Iraq's money resolution separately, under Chapter VII as well, "because the debt has nothing to do with the invasion of Kuwait and raised in another context, and internationalization is hampered Iraq deal with it. the final decision, which ended the introduction of the Iraqi Development Fund committed Iraq to implement the agreement with the International Monetary Fund, and this becomes a magnifying glass to the agreement with the Fund to borrow $ 3.6 billion dollars to a paragraph in the resolution of the Security Council under Chapter VII of the closure of military compensation .. The risks can be exposed in the government's money comes from abroad, trade creditors and not of creditor governments. .. As well as people seeking compensation for human rights abuses they have suffered before 2003, which is not covered by the work of the Compensation Committee of warfare which previously mentioned, this type of claims for people in the United States of America, was agreed to settle the total amount, and thus closed this door is no longer a source "the threat of Iraqi funds. and commercial debt has been resolved about 90% of them, and the rest for no more than the nominal value of $ 2 billion, may not exceed the market value compared to" on the debt has been settled, $ 400 million. .. And may support some of the Governments of trade creditors of its own nationals for intransigence, however the issue remains a viable settlement. .ن .It can speed up the negotiations and to reach understandings or agreement in harmony with the foundations that have been adopted in processors of Iraq's debt, including reduced by 80% and convert the rest of 20% to bonds, similar to what happened previously. "And also" could extinguish the amounts in cash, "according to (base $ 10 and thirty cents per hundred dollars). and thus carries international financial relations with Iraq on a wide scale and full freedom
.Dramatize the risks
.. The official debt of the States that have not agreed yet to accept the standards of the Paris Club which is in the range of Arab and Kuwait, as well as war reparations, this requires dynamism and thinking about the tools of diplomatic and legal pressure in international relations to resolve them. ... Have been exaggerated the risks facing Iraq's money abroad. .. He grew up after 2003 in practice and the political culture of a close link between internationalization under Chapter VII and the problems of indebtedness and the relationship with the United States and the International Monetary Fund. ...ت . A thread has no basis in the genesis of internationalization after the invasion of Kuwait. .. It was the expansion and deepening of internationalization gradually "under the pretext of helping Iraq, sometimes," such as the International Compact imposed cooperation with international institutions, IMF and World Bank, and others. .. Instead, "the pressure on States to settle the debt with Iraq, according to standards of the Paris Club, fell subsequently, support short of linking the debt settlement for the Arab States political conditions internal to the International Compact and informal deliberations. The second resolution to the Security Council No. 1957 lifting of restrictions" imposed by the decisions that were the subject of weapons of mass destruction and the materials, equipment and facilities that help to build the capacity to manufacture such weapons and inspection procedures. .150 كم . As well as missiles that exceed the range of 150 km. .. Restrictions lifted that were imposed, in particular, in resolutions 607 and 707 allow for the supply of nuclear materials for peaceful purposes, and also "possessing missiles with a range beyond. It is understood internationally," of resolution 1957 that Iraq has become in the development of unusual from the standpoint of the international community in the relations of reinforcing and advanced technologies. .. The decision came after the submission of Iraq's pledges not to produce clear and storage of chemical weapons and biological and nuclear non-proliferation assistance. .In addition, he requested the Security Council of Iraq, the final ratification of the Protocol to safeguards to make nuclear activities within the limits allowed by the always "under international supervision and the overall
. . .. The third decision number 1958 ended the residue oil for food program to close its files. .. The amount of funds remaining in the oil for food program by about $ 551 million and will convert $ 400 million to the Iraqi Development Fund and the remainder is allocated in the two accounts. .عام 2016 . One of them $ 20 million to continue the termination proceedings, and 131 million dollars to face the prospect of a UN demand, which ran the program, for compensation for damage caused to a third party, and until the year 2016.
.Oil for Food
.03 . It is known that oil for food program should be discontinued before the end of 2003. ... It was easy to convert documentary credits opened in the context of the program system to the Iraqi fund for development, and the authority to act on its resources, who is also "under the supervision of the Security Council through the Committee for advice and oversight IAMB. It is clear that the UN staff in the administration of the program and their counterparts in the Iraqi state benefiting from the appropriations clung to the continuation of the program and managed to easily keep for seven years, until 2010, after the introduction of an alternative system which is the Iraqi fund for development, and slow down until 2016 to close the final. The resolution requiring Iraq not to establish claims against the United Nations community with the relationship and its staff on the course of running the program. This demonstrates the lax procedures and lack of interest in the Security Council, the value of time in dealing with the issue of Iraq. Security Council in its presidential statement and the texts of the decisions taken by on December 15, and the words of its members took minutes of the political situation in Iraq and cost the United Nations "to help" Iraq in all the functions of the State including relations between political parties and negotiate with Kuwait. The Secretary-General of the Arab League expressed its acceptance of Security Council resolutions it has paid attention to matters of concern to Arab politics. Description of the Security Council those decisions as significant progress toward the return of Iraq to the normal position it deserves. it a paradox, a unique of its kind, when they are told not left of the conditionalities of Chapter VII only outstanding issues with Kuwait. It was hoped by all parties to facilitate the restoration of Iraq's position in the world. It is not fair that only the Security Council encouraged Iraq and urged him to settle disputes with Kuwait and the language of a neutral observer in a resolution under Chapter VII. and after that he indulges in Iraq with the fiercest and most comprehensive versions of interference in the history of the United Nations. .. Iraq needs urgently to take care of implications of economic, financial, military, security and management of the concepts of sovereignty and independence, which have been pushed to scale the bulk of the circle of awareness. .. And do not have the share it deserves in the system of values governing behavior. And the big powers and neighbors know very well "this regrettable situation, and the ability to behave

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